4 Fantastic Halloween Indoor Games

Are you and the kids excited for the Halloween Holiday season? You should be! It is a time for fun and originality in costumes and in games! We have for you some awesome indoor Halloween party games just for the kids!

We know how challenging it can be to come up with new ideas for party games. Halloween gives you a great opportunity to add eerie elements and more fun for kids when it comes to indoor games. The following are four great games the kids can play indoors for the Halloween Holiday!

Magic Pumpkin Game

To play this game, hollow out three small pumpkins and put a fake black spider in one pumpkin. Rotate the pumpkins and let the kids guess which pumpkin the spider is hiding. If you want a really challenging game, take a cardboard piece and use it as a tabletop. Cut three large holes and place witch hats over each hole. Let an adult, made up like a witch, hide under the table. Make sure the adult pokes his or her head out of one of the holes. Let the kids lift the hat to see where the witch may be hiding. Make sure the witch moves to different holes every time a new child comes up for a turn.

Bobbing for Apples

Fill a tub with warm water and place red apples in the tub. Make sure one apple is different. Blindfold each child. Let them bob for apples. The child that gets the green apple will receive a special prize. But make sure every other child has a small gift as well for trying.

Spooky Room

Let the children walk through a dark room and make them stick their hands in a bowl of eyeballs and intestines. The eyeballs can be cherries and the intestines spaghetti. Let adults hide in the room to grab children as they walk by them. Have a recording of a scream going on occasionally or a scary portrait to add more elements of surprise. This game should be played with children older than five years of age.

Zombie Search

Buy some miniature plastic zombies that glow in the dark. Hide these zombies around the room. Turn off all the lights and have the kids try to grab as many as they can before the lights come back on. Be sure that the kids wear glow necklaces so they do not run into each other.

For more great games, read this article by Gail Oliver at Suite101.com.

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