5 Fabulous And Fun Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to spend a great time with family and friends. Do you know what you have plan for the big day to entertain them? If you are not sure, we are here to help you by giving you a list of games family, friends and you can play after the big meal! Read our game ideas below!

Paper Bag Turkey

Get some paper grocery bags, newspaper and construction paper. Make sure you have a variety of colors for the construction.  If the kids are helping out, use child-safe scissors and child safe glue. Stuff the bags with newspapers to form the body of the turkey. For the head, neck and others features of the turkey, cut out the shapes from the construction paper. Glue them to your turkey.

Turkey Treasure Hunt

Take some index cards and crayons. Let the kids draw three pictures of turkeys on these index cards. Hide the cards in your home. Tell the kids to take 15 minutes to find as many of the turkeys as they can find. Who ever gets the most turkeys wins! Grant them all prizes.

Gone Fishin’

Take some cardboard, metal paper clips, an empty bucket, a broom, and string. Cut the cardboard into different Thanksgiving Shapes – turkeys, pilgrims, and leave, just to name a few. Attach paper clips to each one. Put on the shapes into an empty bucket and let the children fish with a broom and string for the shapes. A magnet will help them collect the shapes. Who ever collects the most shapes will win!

For more great games, read this article from Rd.com.

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