Birthday Parties a Blast at ShadowLand

It’s no question that ShadowLand is a popular place for birthday parties; we consider that to be our “meat and potatoes.” Are you convinced? If you haven’t had a birthday party at one of our centers yet, then you might not know all the benefits that are available if you have your (or your child’s) birthday party at ShadowLand!

Benefits of ShadowLand Birthday Parties?

ShadowLand has five different locations so that more people can come to our centers and enjoy what we have to offer. Each boasts an incredible laser tag arena: a multi-level landscape of carpeted ramps, walkways, alleyways, bridges and towers. There is fog, music, lights, and lasers which add to the ambiance of the adventure. At our Springfield/Alexandria location, we also offer the Mega Arcade (self-explanatory) and Laser Maze, where you race through a… well, maze of lasers in order to get the fastest time.

These are all reasons to come to ShadowLand, but what are the actual benefits of having a party at one of our centers? For one thing, each party that comes in is given an assigned Party Sponsor from our attentive staff. This sponsor will help your event to run smoothly, setting up your dining area, explaining the rules of the game, and even providing magic tricks to entertain your guests. Everyone on site wants you to have the best time possible, which is why we assign someone to specifically oversee your party!

Some venues don’t allow you to bring in your own food and drink. Others don’t allow you the quick-and-easy option of the venue providing all that for you to save you the trouble. At ShadowLand, we allow you to do either so that you can choose whichever option fits your needs. If you have your own food or drink but need plates, cups, utensils, and/or napkins, we can provide that “middle ground” option!

If your child goes to another birthday party at ShadowLand, they’ll likely want to have their own at one of our centers. If you play a game of laser tag with friends in our arena, you may decide your next party would be even cooler if it included a few rounds of laser tag. These are only some of the many reasons why we are known for birthday parties here at ShadowLand and why people host their events here again and again.

If you have any questions or want ShadowLand Adventures to organize and host your next party, then contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today!


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