How To Successfully Teach Your Child Table Manners

It is the holiday season. Time to enjoy time with the family as well as a good meal. This is a perfect time to teach your child about table manners. Good table manners go a long way in life. Read below for great tips on teaching your child table manners.

Lead By Example

Make sure you are practicing what you are preaching to your child about having good table manners. For example, do not chew with your mouth open, if you want your child not to chew with his or her mouth open. Your child will watch your every move and behavior. Do not eat with your hands. Teach your child how to clean after his or herself. The behaviors you teach your child while he or she is young will be held for a lifetime.

Teach Your Child To Take His or Her Time

Make sure your child knows eating is not a contest. Let your child know there is no need to rush through a meal. Eating in a rush is not healthy and it leads to other sloppy behaviors.

Teach Your Child How To Eat Properly

Show your child how to move his or her mouth when eating and drinking. Mouths should be closed while chewing food. Beverages should not be gulped. Make sure your child knows to cover his or her mouth when burping.

Keep It Consistent

Make sure your child learns that being polite correlates with good table manners. Make sure your child says please and thank you when given food or drinks.

For more tips on how to teach your child good table manners, including age-appropriate rules of developing table manners, read this article from

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