Donations / Fundraisers

ShadowLand helps community organizations with their fundraising events. If you seek a donation for your organization, go HERE and choose “Fundraiser” on the drop down menu. Attach the official letter for your fundraiser. ShadowLand receives many donation requests each year. For more than 20 years we’ve responded to almost every request from the community and non-profit groups by providing some kind of donation for their raffles, auctions, and give-aways. Due to the large number of requests, the standard donation is normally several laser adventure passes.

ShadowLand has two other programs for schools to fundraise. If you want to organize one of these events, contact us HERE with your organizations details, dates, and questions.

Choose a night and mobilize your community On any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday when public schools are in session, your school can choose a day to get the word out to your community. On the day, every game purchased by someone identifying themselves with your community will earn your school $2. Open rate prices for games apply – single play for $9.50 and double play for $17. If 100 adventures are bought by your community, we write you a check for $200. This program requires no money up front for your organization.

fundraisingBuy ShadowLand passes at a discount and sell them in your community. ShadowLand allows your school, with
proper documentation, to purchase up to 200 single play passes for just $7 each. These can then be distributed to people in your organization to sell at whatever price you wish to set. The normal price of a single adventure is $9.50. Sell 200 for $9 each and
earn $400. Sell 200 for $10 each and earn $800. This program requires money up front from the organization, but provides far more flexibility for those who buy the passes.
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