Fun and Exercise Together Offer Long-Term Benefits

Too much “fun” these days involves being completely immobile. Sure, sitting on the couch and engaging in “screen time” can be fun for a while, but it loses its flavor after a time, and it’s certainly not good for your body. Why not combine fun and exercise to reap the benefits of staying physically and mentally fit? If you’re interested in learning more, then read on!

What Can You Gain from Fun and Exercise Together?

There’s no question as to the the benefits of working out, but a lot of people have to push themselves into going to the gym and have a hard time wanting to return. On the opposite end of the spectrum, people neglect the concept entirely and adopt a “couch potato” lifestyle. In order to reap the rewards of both fun and exercise, you have to find a routine that engages you and entertains you so you don’t loathe having to do it in the first place.

In addition to the physical boosts, working out offers mental benefits, too. “Studies show that making time for exercise provides some serious mental benefits,” which is all the more reason to develop this healthy habit. Together, fun and exercise can do wonders for reducing stress levels and increasing dopamine, or “the happy chemical.” It can also boost confidence, which is lacking in a lot of people (and kids) these days. Since everyone can at least use a drop in stress and an increase in happiness, what do you have to lose?

In many cases, too, with stress comes a lot of worrying and anxiety. If you’re running around, you’ll get a mood boost at the end. Once those happy hormones kick in, levels of mental discomfort reduce, so if you’re feeling funky, grab your sneakers and start moving!

As people age, cognition becomes more difficult. This is another piece that can be combated with regular working out. “Especially between age 25 and 45,” healthy habits involving physical activity increase “the chemicals in the brain that support and prevent degeneration of the hippocampus, an important part of the brain for memory and learning.” As a result, adults are able to have stronger memory and general mental functioning past when they might otherwise have been able to.

Brain boosts aren’t only for older people. Fun and exercise in lab animals shows that “new brain cells” can be created out of these practices. They make you smarter, sharper, and can increase memory power, which is beneficial for people of all ages. “Research has linked children’s brain development with level of physical fitness,” but everyone can reap these mental rewards as long as they’re staying active.

There are even more benefits to combining fun and exercise that we haven’t even touched on yet. Including both in your daily, or just weekly routine can make an incredible difference for you physically and mentally. To get in on the benefits of an active lifestyle for yourself, come visit or contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today!


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