Game Strategy and Tips (Part One)

Want to improve your laser tag game at our ShadowLand centers? Check out some tips on game strategy by our resident experts in order to rule the floor! These periodical tips columns will help you to perform better and better the more you play!

Work the Accuracy Bonus into Your Game Strategy

Did you know that there is a bonus at the end of each ShadowLand adventure? This bonus is called “Accuracy” and is given out depending on how high (or low) your hit ratio was during the game. Your hit ratio, then, is the amount of times that you were able to tag players and/or GEMs divided by the number of shots that you fired throughout.

This bonus becomes a part of your final score. A complete game strategy means you factor in this percentage in order to reach the highest possible score. Keep in mind the importance of your accuracy and hit ratio as you play; it may help to keep your shots on track!

To determine the bonus that you’ll receive, start with what you determine to be your hit ratio. For example, if you have 10%, then your Accuracy bonus would be 10% of your “Arena Total.” So, if your Arena Total (or final score) was 310, then you get 31 additional points as a bonus, making that final score 341 points.

It may seem as if the strategy would be to fire fast and often, but if you miss more than you make shots, you won’t get a very good bonus. As a result, practice hitting your targets and shooting sparingly. Don’t be trigger-happy, and instead work on improving your shots and making each one count. It may only be a few points that keep you from first place!

To perfect your game strategy so that you come out on the top of the list, come visit or contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today!

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