STEM Class and Field Trip

A unique way for teachers to take STEM learning outside the class room into a “real-world” application that every student will be excited about!

Boy Scouts take note : This outing satisfies some requirements for Digital Communication and Radio merit badges.

Add the unique 2 1/2 hr TechChallenge outing to your classroom’s STEM learning program or your troop’s annual field trip schedule. This outing is available either during the normal school day or mid-week evenings to fit into most troops’ normal meeting time. The TechChallenge STEM experience combines an hour of class presentations on the electromagnetic spectrum with a hands-on, ‘behind the scenes’ look at how ShadowLand’s interactive laser adventure system uses the properties of light to power its unique laser adventure system. As part of the event, students enjoy two laser adventures. Watch the brief video (right) for more details and then contact us today about scheduling your class or troop’s TechChallenge outing to ShadowLand ! Class material is modified to provide appropriate material for any grade 3 through 12.


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