Business Teams Testimonials

A few recent testimonials from business teams who have visited ShadowLand…


“It was a great deal and just as much fun. It’s a great activity for all ages and everyone enjoyed it.”

Miranda, American Pool, Lock In, 6/24/19, 35 participants


“Everything went very well. The groups flowed through in a timely manner. The staff was very friendly and accommodating.”

Elizabeth, Don Bosco Center, Silver Package, 6/19/19, 38 participants


“We brought a group of 26 students from Johnson City, TN to top off their final night in DC. It was a family friendly atmosphere with very pleasant and patient staff.”

AJ, VA Mountain Tours, Bronze Package, 5/9/19, 26 participants


“The arena and games were awesome. It was well-organized and a lot of fun. The group bonded while playing.”

Juliet, Capital One, Bronze Package, 4/25/19, 15 participants


“This was a great group outing. It was so much fun.”

Vikas, Amazon, Bronze Package, 4/18/19, 13 participants


“It was very fun. ShadowLand is always a good time.”

Andrew, Liberty Mutual, Bronze Package, 4/17/19, 7 participants


“I enjoyed the experience of the arena. It was a fun atmosphere and a great time.”

Gerald, Wahlgreens, Silver Package, 3/11/19, 15 participants


“Compared to other events I’ve held, this one had more action with great teamwork. It was a lot of fun.”

Desiree, ASM Research, Silver Package, 3/7/19, 12 participants


“The event went well with excellent service. It was entertaining, fun, and a good place to hold our winter social.”

Carol, Oracle, Gold Package, 1/10/19, 32 participants


“It was easy to set up and fun for all.”

Julie, HIDA, Group Outing, 11/16/18, 20 participants


“The staff was very organized and pleasant. There was a lot of fun for a good value.”

Conquest Boys Club, Bronze Package, 11/16/18, 35 participants


“It was fantastic! It exceeded expectations.”

Kristin, CGI, Group Outing, 10/30/18, 18 participants


“It was nice for the kids to run around. It gave students the chance to play.”

Brenda, Leesburg Community Church, Group Outing, 9/30/18, 21 participants


“Great time had by all! Easy, reasonably priced, and fun.”

Brosseau, Group Outing, 8/24/18, 10 participants


“We enjoyed it a lot, including the teachers. The group was focused and energetic.”

Gina, KinderCare, Group Outing, 8/22/18, 18 participants


“…Great coordinator and customer service, fun activity.”

Paola, FHR Consulting, Team Building, 6/1/18, 9 participants


“…The experience was amazing. Great service and lots of fun. Thank you!”

Olivia, MPOWER Financing, Corporate Event, 6/1/18, 30 participants


“…My team bonded really well! It was very interactive!”

Jose, Circle K, Bronze Package, 4/21/18, 12 participants


“…Very well organized. We had large groups, so this worked out well and the kids loved it.”

Mark, SGA, Bronze Package, 4/11/18, 32 participants


“…ShadowLand was a great group activity for my team. Everyone was so friendly and Sue was great when booking. We will definitely be back for another group.”

– Kristin, Capital One, Silver Package, 3/22/18, 20 participants


“…Most adventurous experience ever!”

– Navy Federal Credit Union, Bronze Package, 10/13/17, 17 participants


“…Staff was great. It was a great team building experience for the price.”

– Banker’s Life, Gold Package, 5/5/17, 20 participants


“…Well organized and fun. It ranks among the top of events we’ve had.”

– OTF, Silver Package, 3/30/17, 15 participants


“…It was very active and a great time! They made everything easy and were incredible to work with.”

– Volkswagen, Bronze Package, 2/7/17, 20 participants


“…My team was very excited and loved the flow of the games. It was a great time and the staff was awesome.”

– Ivy, CBS Radio, Silver Package, 12/13/16, 13 participants


“…Everyone was helpful and polite. All of our group had a great time. It was well organized and a better laser tag facility than the others.”

– Jane, American Systems Group, 12/9/16, 30 participants


“…Casual and fun, it was a good experience.”

– Jonathan, AOC Solutions, Gold Package, 10/26/16 – 25 participants


“…So much fun! More intense than we thought. Staff was great, very hospitable. It’s got everything! Fun for all ages.”

– Daniel, Palantis, Bronze Package, 10/19/16, 16 participants


“…We enjoyed the interaction and team building.”

– Shawn, Avail Vapors, Silver Package, 9/22/16, 16 participants


“…Everything was really fun. It’s definitely in the top 5 of events we’ve had.”

– Jennifer, Mom’s Organic Market, Gold Package, 4/13/16, 30 participants


“…Great host, very accommodating, very helpful. It’s a lot of fun for adults with team building wants.”

– Isabella, Gene DX corporate outing, 10/27/15, 27 participants


“…Everyone had a great time. It was fun and competitive.”

– Michele, Lincoln Property Silver Package, 10/7/15, 26 participants


“…We will bring back more of our team. It was great team building and it definitely beats bowling.”

– Mr. Harris, Pep Bronze Package, 10/1/15, 15 participants


“…Fair price, fun time, and courteous/patient staff.”

– Mr. Cruz, PSNR Bronze Package, 9/23/15, 15 participants


“…Everything went extremely well. Very pleased with the accommodations, helpful staff, and great environment.”

– Mr. Clifton, TKE Bronze Package, 9/16/15, 40 participants


“…A lot of fun for our team. This helped improve morale and encourage the team to work harder. The events are action packed and encourage friendly competition.”

– Cathia, Target team building experience, 9/8/15, 25 participants


“…The children had a wonderful time and can’t wait to come back! It’s very well organized and the prices are great.”

– Sharelle, Children of America Bronze Package, 8/20/15, 18 participants


“…This event was interactive and engaged the group. It was awesome, sweaty fun and everyone enjoyed it!”

Alison, Freddie Mac, Gold Package, 7/28/15, 21 participants

“…Thank you for your help with our December team building session. I expected assistance only with the use of your facilities, but learned that you have much more to offer! I was especially impressed with your willingness and ability to custom design exercises that facilitated my learning objectives. While I like to inject fun into team building sessions, my business objective always come first, and you delivered. …The words of one of the participants captures my impression of the day, ‘the application of these team concepts to my work is immediately apparent.’ I am adding ShadowLand to my bag of learning tools!”

– MB, Organization Development Specialist, BGE

“…This is a long overdue thank you for sponsoring our Corporate Systems Manager’s Outing this October. There were nothing but rave reviews for our afternoon at ShadowLand. Everyone had an incredible time! I so appreciate the time you took to work with me on deciding the best games for corporate team building and plain old fun. You came up with the absolute best of both worlds…”

– DJ, Project Manager/ Global Business Applications, Booz-Allen & Hamilton

“…Thanks for showing us a great time! We try to do team-building activities every month and this was unanimously one of the best ones we’ve had. It had just the right amount of physical activity to make it fun but not tiring. …We were impressed with the equipment, the arena and the facilities. Also, you and the staff were very friendly and provided excellent service”

– DS, Project manager, GE Global eXchange Services

“…I would like to say thank you for making our outing a great success. Everyone had a fantastic time, the food was great and the games you set up for us were fantastic. Everyone on your staff was kind, courteous and professional…..We have been getting extremely positive feedback from our employees: all want to know when we’re going back! Looking forward to our next adventure. Thanks again.

– JS, Senior Scientist, Acterna

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