What you need to know about the Admissions and Amusement Tax

Some ShadowLand locations may be subject to a regional Admissions and Amusement Tax (A&A), which could affect certain rates and offers.

What is the Admissions & Amusement Tax?

This tax ONLY applies to ShadowLand centers in Columbia Maryland (where the tax is used for the benefit of Howard County) and Gaithersburg Maryland (where the tax is used for the benefit of Montgomery County).

All indoor recreation facilities must pay this tax on all admission, rental, and party fees.

Sales and Use Tax exemptions do not apply to this tax.  See official information here.

How much is the tax?

10% for admissions in Gaithersburg and 7.5% for admissions in Columbia

Why does ShadowLand add this tax?

To comply with Maryland state law, ShadowLand must add this tax on top of the admission price.

Customers will notice that the tax is separated on each receipt to show the amount that will be paid to fulfill ShadowLand’s A&A tax requirement.

For any questions about this tax, please feel free to check out the Comptroller of Maryland’s website.

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