The Experience

ShadowLand’s laser adventure experience is much more than just ‘laser-tag’. Read a description about the interactive adventure system here before choosing your next outing or party. You’ll see that ShadowLand’s adventure system has evolved beyond normal ‘laser-tag’. Make your entertainment dollar go much further … experience the next generation of interactive entertainment.



  • Click here if you want to schedule a party, group outing or business team outing.
  • To visit individually, with your family or as part of a small group (less than 12 participants), plan to stop by during our normal hours of operation.
  • Discounts on prices begin for two or three adventures for 6 or more participants.
  • An “Adventure” consists of a BRIEFING where participants learn how to use the bodysuit and GEMs, suiting up in the VESTING room, a 15 minute period in the large, multi-level carpeted arena and SCORECARD distribution in the reception area. Once started, an adventure takes about 30 minutes to complete.
  • The Arena is a semi-darkened area with a misty fog and specialty music and lights. Due to the eerie atmosphere in the arena and the size of the bodysuits, the suggested minimum age of participants is 6 years.
  • Demand for playing an adventure on weekends and days off from school may lead to a wait to begin once you arrive. It is difficult to predict ahead of time how long the wait will be on any particular day. Normally peak times are Friday evenings between 7 and 9pm, and Saturdays between 2 and 9pm and Sundays between 2 and 4pm.



  • Upon arrival to ShadowLand, fill out a player waiver form and purchase your adventures at the front reception desk.Click here for pricing.
  • When filling out the waiver form, choose a “code-name” to go by during the adventure (for example, “Terminator,” “Poison Ivy,” “Blastoise,” “Iron Claw,” etc.). Participants under the age of 18 need to have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian. If you are bringing children that are not your own, encourage the parents of these children to visit this website, download the waiver form and send it with the child.
  • After purchasing your adventure(s), you and/or your group will be given entry tickets with your “code-name” and the name of the adventure that you will be in. Wait in the reception area, visit the snack bar or play arcade games while you wait. When it is time to proceed to the BRIEFING, an announcement will be made.


experience_briefing_largeYou’ll start your adventure by entering the briefing room where, for several minutes, a ShadowLand staff member (the “Marshal”) will describe how to use the phaser, LCD, bodysuit and GEMs. The Marshal will then describe the various currencies used during the adventure: Credits, Energy and Lives. There are many different adventures to choose from so the Marshal will also describe details on the adventure that your group will take part in. Finally, the Marshal will review important safety rules that players must follow during their time in the arena. If you have not already received your suit assignment, the Marshal will tell you what suit to put on and what team you will be on.


experience_vesting_largePut on your bodysuit, adjust the comfortable straps on either side and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! The marshal ensures that even the youngest players are ready to go before sending everyone into the arena.


experience_arena_largeThe arena is a multi-level landscape of carpeted ramps, walkways, alleyways, bridges and towers. An eerie, misty fog fills the air. Specialty music, colored lights and darting laser beams combine to create an environment unlike any other. Work with your team to set strategy. Define your own strategy, based on the briefing, on how to advance you position in the adventure. Push your senses to the limit as you encounter the opposition and earn special powers to aid in your quest. Avoid any spells or viruses spread by GEMs. If you fall victim to a spell, find the GEM that will cure you. Avoid the other team. If you can harm your own team, be careful with your aim. Stalk quietly if there are only a few in the arena or duck and dodge if there are many opponents. Each adventure has its own keys to success. Work out the best strategy by yourself or with your team.


experience_scorecards_largeWhen the adventure is complete, players return the suits to the vesting room and proceed to reception area. With scorecards distributed to everyone, players can exchange stories and strategies from the adventure. The detailed scorecards outline your individual performance, accuracy and team score. This moment, with the whole group coming together to discuss their shared experience, is a great team-building moment. It is unmatched by most other group functions. With restaurant outings, arcades, bowling, pool halls, or other popular group destinations, your groups breaks up into smaller groups of 3 or 4.

At ShadowLand your group of 40 or more share the same experience at the same time and come together to share their common experience at the end of the adventure.

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