“My event went very well. It was well coordinated and the staff provided excellent customer service. ShadowLand is at the top of my list for quality and professionalism. I have been coming here since I was a child and they have always done an excellent job.”

Gershonia – Catonsville Educational Center – Bronze Package – 7/16/19 – 12 participants


“Everything went well and the children liked it.”

Randall – Horizon Child Care – Bronze Package – 7/9/19 – 12 participants


“It was fun and affordable. The staff was very nice and the check in, as well as the whole process was easy.”

Samantha – Goldfish Swim School – Bronze Package – 6/22/19 – 17 participants


“We had a wonderful time. This place offers great variety and the service was outstanding. The kids got to stretch their legs and let loose.”

Oscar – Mount Nebo – School Trip – 6/20/19 – 33 participants


“Everything was smooth and easy as always!”

Sherrie – American Martial Arts Center – Bronze Package – 6/19/19 – 28 participants


“Excellent! Everyone was very helpful, friendly, and organized.”

Joy – Girl Scout Troop 1018 – Silver Package – 6/2/19 – 24 participants


“The staff was very pleasant in both setting up the reservation and then taking care of our group when we arrived. Every employee was kind and helpful, and our event ran smoothly and efficiently.”

Stacy – Fresta Valley – Single Play – 5/4/19 – 31 participants


“It was fantastic, sweaty, and tons of fun. Everyone seemed to have a great time.”

Jeffrey – Bronze Package – 5/4/19 – 35 participants


“The event was well coordinated by the staff. The kids all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

Dharma – Lock In – 4/27/19 – 27 participants


“ShadowLand is good for not only kid parties, but also for adult events. This was one of the best events we’ve had and the staff was very helpful.”

Marsha – Bronze Package – 4/27/19 – 13 participants


“The staff was very friendly and accommodating, even when we were late. It was a very efficient process.”

Sherise – Bronze Package – 4/20/19 – 10 participants


“We enjoyed the laser tag and arcade games. It was family friendly and a good bonding experience.”

Sarah – Double Play – 4/19/19 – 12 participants


“This was a fun thing to do for my 8 and 10 year olds. It was very organized and easy to book, and the staff was ready for us.”

Jenn – Bronze Package – 4/13/19 – 13 participants


“The kids loved the laser tag and arcade games available. It’s fun and they are generous with the amount of time for each round.”

Bronz Latin – Bronze Package – 4/10/19 – 34 participants


“Very well run – the staff knows what to do and takes into consideration all the issues that could occur.”

Drema – Hurricanes Football – Double Play – 4/7/19 – 21 participants


“We had a blast. The facility was perfect for our needs and everyone had an amazing time. It was easy to set up the event and it was cost effective and flexible.”

Alison – ASPO – Silver Package – 4/4/19 – 20 participants


“It was very easy to book and we had great service at the event. The venue and the experience was great.”

Viet – Appian – Bronze Package – 4/3/19 – 17 participants


“The event was a quick turnaround between adventures. The service for booking was efficient. The kids and enjoyed it, and it made party planning easy.”

Linda – Bronze Package – 3/29/19 – 13 participants


“The workers were so friendly and helpful, and made sure we had everything we needed. They went above and beyond, making sure everything went well.”

Shannon – Chi Omega Sorority – Silver Package – 3/28/19 – 24 participants


“This is a good family friendly time.”

Bill – Troop 17 – Silver Package – 3/24/19 – 40 participants


“It was better than anything we’ve done. High energy and awesome customer service.”

Eric – Bronze Package – 3/17/19 – 14 participants


“This place is great. The staff is nice and helpful, especially the manager. My son had an awesome time with his laser tag adventure.”

Bronze Package – 3/3/19 – 9 participants


“We had a great time. It was well organized. We felt like we got our money’s worth and will do it again!”

Ki – NCFC Church – Bronze Package – 3/1/19 – 23 participants


“I’m glad they were able to accommodate a very last minute reservation. We had fun and look forward to next time.”

Erik – Northern VA Redditors – Bronze Package – 2/8/19 – 22 participants


“Well organized event. I enjoyed the games. We had a blast. The staff is nice and easy to work with.”

Ryan – Bronze Package – 2/8/19 – 30 participants


“It was a really fun way to celebrate a 21st birthday.”

David – Birthday Party – 2/2/19 – 8 participants


“We were a group of extremely competitive young adults that were beginners at laser tag. This was very affordable and very convenient.”

Tyler – Silver Package – 2/2/19 – 14 participants


“Everything went smoothly and we all had fun. It’s a good environment.”

Andrew – Kappa Alpha – Bronze Package – 1/30/19 – 18 participants


“Very good event, and the kids had a really great time with our host.”It was quite well run – organized and on time!”

Jenny – Girl Scouts – Bronze Package – 1/20/19 – 8 participants


“Great! Wonderful explanations of games. Varied scenarios.”

Alex – Gold Package – 1/16/19 – 20 participants


“It went well. My family enjoyed it! We would come again.”

Katelyn – ASE Surprise Party – Gold Package – 1/12/19 – 6 participants


“Everyone had a great time shooting, eating, and laughing.”

Kevin – St. Mark – Gold Package – 1/11/19 – 31 participants


“We’ve had at least 10 group events here and we only book here. It’s what my son requests every time.”

Elizabeth – Birthday Party – 12/8/18 – 14 participants


“We had a nice time. It was well-organized, the party room was clean, and the service was quick.”

Patrick – HCCC – Birthday Party – 12/8/18 – 14 participants


“The teenagers were crazy, but the staff was great. My kids loved it.”

Becky – Birthday Party – 10/21/18 – 14 participants


“Wonderful! Easy to check in, helpful with the games, and clean facility. I loved the different laser tag games.”

Carrie – Birthday Party – 9/22/18 – 11 participants


“Alfredo was totally awesome! This was the most exciting kids party ever. I am an event planner and this party rocked!”

Dylan – Birthday Party – 9/15/18 – 11 participants


“The kids simply love it! It’s a great place for large groups.”

Sandlyn – Best Brains – Group Outing – 8/15/18 – 29 participants


“The staff are wonderful, knowledgeable, and polite. This event was a 10/10!”

Ben – YMCA – Camp Package – 8/14/18 – 12 participants


“Everything went very smoothly. John and Ryan were very helpful and kept everything moving efficiently. ShadowLand is always a fantastic venue for large parties.”

Al – TKC Impact – Bronze Package – 8/12/18 – 23 participants


“Our event was outstanding. All of our kids loved it and did not want to leave. The staff was incredible and did an amazing job explaining the game to the children.”

KinderCare Learning Center – Group Outing – 8/8/18 – 19 participants


“The event was great. The silver package was a wonderful deal and we have students wishing to return. It was a unifying and great experience for all who attended!”

De’Ara – Community Scholars Program – Silver Package – 7/29/18 – 15 participants


“It went very smoothly from beginning to end. We had two separate groups of youth who were engaged and entertained even as they were waiting for the next game. The games are constantly changing with new creative objectives.”

Elizabeth – Don Bosco Center – Bronze Package – 7/27/18 – 35 participants


“Everyone was easy to work with, from making reservations with Donovan to handling the waivers and final payment with Alfredo.”

Shelly – Springboard Pool – Team Building Event – 7/19/18 – 62 participants


“It was awesome! Laser tag was a blast. The staff were kind with the younger kids and were very involved in our activity. It is one of the best field trips! The kids love it and the teachers can participate.”

Alex – KinderCare – Field Trip – 7/13/18 – 11 participants


“We have been coming to this location for many years. It is good to be back. All of my kids enjoyed it. It’s a fun, organized, friendly environment.”

Min – Kwon’s in Centreville – Group Outing – 6/20/18 – 15 participants


“The party was great and well organized. The lock-in was great for our team event.”

Stacey – Chantilly Gymnastics – Lock-in – 6/4/18 – 90 participants


“It was easy and the kids had a great time. The kids really love laser tag and the staff was kind.”

Monica – Bronze Package – 5/26/18 – 15 participants


“We had a fun team building event in 2008 and wanted to return. It was fun and I would do it again.”

Shirley – Silver Package – 5/17/18 – 40 participants


“It was a great, fun activity for groups! The price was reasonable.”

Kennedy – Silver Package – 5/16/18 – 16 participants


“This was our first time doing a birthday without a party room. The kids are older and it went great. The arena is large and fun. They offer a variety of games and power-ups. The girls (aged 13-17) love it.”

Charles – Birthday Party – 5/12/18 – 15 participants


“It ran smoothly and the staff was courteous, friendly, and patient. It was structured and well organized.”

Amy – Gold Package – 5/5/18 – 15 participants


“Staff was very helpful. Gene was great! Family friendly, good operational flow.”

Timothy – Friendship Club Bronze Package – 4/28/18 – 20 participants


“The games were able to be customized and the employees were helpful.”

Anjell – Birthday Party – 4/28/18 – 9 participants


“Everything went smoothly. Kids had a great time.”

Erin – Fairfax Church of Christ – 4/15/18 – 35 participants


“The team was more than accommodating. We threw them a curveball with our group number and they handled it in stride and optimized our experience. This was a blast. Hats off to them. Nothing thus far has compared to this experience.”

Ryan – Gold Package – 4/14/18 – 38 participants


“The event went very well and was successful! Easy and stress free. It was a pleasant experience with amazing staff.”

Mikayla – Goshen United – Group Outing – 4/14/18 – 18 participants


“I am very thankful for the great customer service and will definitely be back!”

Jordan – Birthday Party – 3/31/18 – 11 participants


“It went smashingly!. All the girls enjoyed it. It’s inexpensive and the kids have fun.”

Olivia – Lady Hokies group Bronze Package – 3/16/18 – 12 participants


“It was great. Everyone had a blast. It was an event that everyone enjoyed.”

Ryan – Washington Nationals group outing – 3/15/18 – 35 participants


“Very fun! Good directions for the people who never played. Laser tag is fun and ShadowLand is the best I’ve been to. I’ve been coming here for over 10 years and love it every time.”

Sarah – Bronze Package – 3/15/18 – 20 participants


“Everything went well. The kids had a blast and everyone had fun. Braeden, our host, took great care of our group. The level of organization was superb. The price was better than some of our other events, especially considering all that we got for the cost.”

Vicki – Alexandria First Nazarene – Youth Group Event – 1/20/18 – 31 participants


“The team atmosphere and excellence really made the experience fun and interactive. Everyone had their role and put their best foot forward. All the staff from the manager to team staff really made the experience second to none. You guys at ShadowLand Chantilly nailed it! Kudos to the entire staff!”

Citizen Heights Church Youth – Bronze package – 11/12/17 – 14 participants


“The event went well. The staff met us at the entrance and were very helpful. It was easy to set up ahead of time.”

SYC Storm 140 – Team Party – 11/9/17 – 16 participants


“Great staff support to help kids. It’s always been a great field trip for camp kids.”

American Martial Arts Center – Bronze Package – 11/7/17 – 20 participants


“It was great! After our first game, the kids were whining to play a second round. Of course, I already knew they’d want to, so I planned to play two games. The kids loved it and the adults really got into it too.”

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church – Youth Group Outing – 9/3/17 – 20 participants


“The staff were very helpful and informative from the sign-in process to the food service. We have been on 5 other field trips this summer and this one was by far the best.”

Oxon Hill Village – Camp Package – 8/17/17 – 37 participants


“It was great. The staff was very welcoming, fair, and clear with directions. Kyle was a great host.”

Charles Houston Rec – Camp Package – 8/11/17 – 29 participants


“Easy to book, staff very helpful – perfect staff event.”

Washington Sailing School – Bronze Package – 8/3/17 – 15 participants


“The marshal explained the game/rules thoroughly. The environment was clean and well cared for. It was a blast. I would come back with family too.”

Lapetite Academy – Bronze Package – 7/18/17 – 30 participants


“The kids seemed to really enjoy their session. They were dripping with sweat and smiling! It’s great to see the kids interact.”

VA Run Riptide – Bronze Package – 7/18/17 – 41 participants


“Outstanding! Everyone on staff was incredibly helpful, patient, and courteous. We had a large group and your customer service was top notch. Laura went above and beyond to ensure our event was a success!”

The Penguins – Bronze Package – 7/6/17 – 20 participants


“It’s hard to find activities that large groups can do all at once. It’s an approachable way to have fun at a variety of skill levels and then cool off in the arcade.”

Nathaniel – Birthday Party – 6/30/17 – 14 participants


“Our event went very smoothly. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. It’s easy for parents and fun for kids. Our swim and dive teams always have fun at ShadowLand.”

Greenbriar Swim Team – Bronze Package – 6/28/17 – 30 participants


“The girls really enjoyed the games.”

Girl Scout Troop 2967 – Silver Package – 6/21/17 – 10 participants


“We were able to go into our game even though we had more people than scheduled. We went straight into our game and the students had a great time! It was much more organized than other events we’ve had.”

CBC – Bronze Package – 6/11/17 – 30 participants


“The staff takes care of everything – set up, corralling the kids, and clean up. Our hosts were on top of everything (Melissa and JP). I like having help doing a kid’s party. It’s too much work on my own!”

Marlee – Birthday Party – 6/10/17 – 5 participants


“We had a great time! It was a ton of fun – strategic and awesome!”

Beth – Bronze Package – 6/4/17 – 12 participants


“It was great. My children had a blast! The staff is friendly and the place was amazing.”

Daarina – Bronze Package – 5/27/17


“We are a church group of 4th-6th graders. This is one of their favorite activities we do all year. They love your facility. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Your facility is well priced and can accommodate a large group.

Fairfax Church of Christ – Bronze Package – 5/7/17 – 30 participants


“Fun for the kids, not too expensive.”

Trinity – Bronze Package – 4/30/17 – 15 participants


“Amazing time for all involved. It was a fantastic team builder.”

US Air Force – Bronze Package – 4/28/17 – 17 participants


“Great! Thanks for taking care of the pizzas, plates, and drinks.”

Sydney – Birthday Party – 4/22/17 – 20 participants


“Excellent. We had a great time.”

Christina – Bronze Package – 4/15/17 – 13 participants


“Outstanding! The boys had an awesome time. I really appreciate that we can bring in our own snacks and drinks. Very fair pricing.”

JoAnn – Bronze Package – 4/1/17 – 15 participants


“The boys loved it. The timing was perfect since we are visiting out of town.”

Arsenal – Bronze Package – 3/11/17 – 20 participants


“Our event was great fun! It actually was running pretty slow until we came to ShadowLand! All of our kids really seemed to enjoy themselves. They were able to be active all night, but we also got the opportunity to offer more activities.”

MBCL – Overnight Lock In – 3/10/17 – 70 participants


“Everything went smoothly. It is a good gathering place for kids.”

Presharn – Bronze – 2/12/17 – 7 participants


“Our group of 23 had a wonderful time as did our staff. The ShadowLand staff was very helpful. ShadowLand has always been a favorite for our kids.”

It’s Elementary – Bronze Package – 2/6/17 – 23 participants


“Sue was amazing and made the rental process easy. The staff were energetic and helpful. Everyone had fun.”

Nelly – Surprise party – Gold Package – 2/4/17 – 14 participants


“Very professional staff and great value.”

John – Bronze Package – 1/7/17 – 30 participants


“The event went very smoothly. Everyone had fun and enjoyed it. We would definitely come back.”

Ann – Robinson Varsity Basketball – 12/22/16 – 15 participants


“The ShadowLand team was friendly and informative. It ran smoothly and was enjoyed by all. It’s great activity for a group.”

Valerie – Hebrew Washington Congregation – 12/22/16 – 47 participants


“The boys all had a great time! The planning was easy and the execution was flawless!”

Arlington Admirals – Silver Package – 12/11/16 – 16 participants


“It was a blast. My team had a great time and we would love to come back.”

Scott – Silver Package – 12/11/16 – 12 participants


“It’s a great place for kids to have a party/team building.”

Mrs. Silvernale – Bronze Package – 12/3/16 – 11 participants


“The girls loved it so much! Where else can you fight zombies?!”

Joan – Double Trouble Soccer – End of season party – 11/11/16 – 16 participants


“Very organized and efficient! It’s a great activity for all ages. The kids had fun and it was a good value.”

Ms. Hirshfeld – Silver Package – 10/29/16 – 17 participants


“Super awesome.”

Kathryn – Gold Package – 10/29/16 – 15 participants


“It went really well and the girls had a great time. It was very easy to organize for a large group event and it was very little work.”

Mike – Crash Lacrosse – Silver Package – 10/23/16 – 20 participants


“Amazing! It’s the best laser tag around.”

Jack – Bronze Package – 10/22/16 – 38 participants


“Very fun! Nice price.”

Monica – Bronze Package – 10/22/16 – 18 participants


“It was great! See you next year.”

Trinity Christian Academy – Bronze Package – 10/17/16 – 12 participants


“Everything went really well. I appreciate all of your professionalism and willing assistance. This is our first time having an event and it’s by far the best party we’ve had.”

Trinity Barksdale – Silver Package – 10/8/16 – 18 participants


“Turned out great! Everyone went home with a smile on their face. It promotes family togetherness. The process was easy, the event was fun, and everyone enjoyed themselves.”

Ryan – Life Community Church – Bronze Package – 9/18/16 – 15 participants


“The party went smoothly. Everything was to our satisfaction. Our assistant was helpful. It’s easy to play, fun for the kids, and affordable.”

Joi – Birthday Party – 9/10/16 – 8 participants


“The variety of events and quick pace made me want to come back to ShadowLand.”

Jeremy – Red Hat Group – Gold Package – 9/2/16 – 20 participants


“The kids really enjoyed themselves. They love the experience.”

Maureen – Baby and Toddler Preschool – Bronze Package – 8/25/16 – 20 participants


“The staff is always welcoming and professional. The venue is always very neat and clean as well. Everything went smoothly.”

Jessica – US Tae Kwon Do – Bronze Package – 8/11/16 – 19 participants


“The event went well. We walked in and played. It was quick, fun, and professional. I liked the venue.”

Anne – Silver Package – 8/9/16 – 15 participants


“The kids all had a blast! It was crowded but that is always to be expected this time of year. Overall, excellent experience! The staff was great and the kids love the game! They always work with us and the campers always have fun on the course.”

Alicison – Winwood Children’s Center Ashburn – Bronze Package – 8/3/16 – 31 participants


“It was great, easy to explain, and the kids had a ball! The staff was friendly and very family oriented.”

Cornerstone Christian Academy field trip – 7/29/16 – 21 participants


“Friendly staff. They were nice to my kids and accommodated the scared kids. We didn’t have to wait long. It was a great experience.”

Kim’s Karate – Bronze Package – 7/23/16 – 20 participants


“We chose this location after years of trying other places. The service was great and it was a great atmosphere.”

Donald – Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy – Lock In – 7/22/16 – 80 participants


“On Thursday, everything went so smoothly. The children had an amazing time. On Friday everything was so easy thanks to staff. As a teacher, I have attended four of these activities and they have all been thrilling. The children come out after ready for the second time. It’s a lot of fun and very safe. The staff are so nice.”

Alison – Winwood Children’s Center – Bronze Package – 7/22/16 – 15 participants


“The event was awesome. The staff was very accommodating of our large group and extra players. Daylan was great with the kids! The kids love to play laser tag and the staff make it easy and fun for everyone.”

Danielle – Rolling Forest Swim Team – 7/6/16 – 50 participants


“You did great. The person in charge of the game was clear in his directions and patient with the children.”

Donna – Westgate Child Center – 7/6/16 – 30 participants


“Good way to spend a hot morning. The kids had a lot of fun and enjoyed the competition against each other.”

Thomas – Herndon Parks and Recreation Bronze Package – 6/27/16 – 27 participants


“The event was more than we had hoped. Service was flexible and friendly. Every ShadowLand party has been great, but excellent compared to other destination events. It’s great exercise, safe competition, and fun!”

Stacey – Touching Hearts – Fundraiser – 4/21/16 – 50 participants


“The best event we’ve done so far. It was organized and the staff was friendly.”

Melissa – Frederick Freeze Silver Package double room – 4/16/16 – 40 participants


“It was a great company outing for us. We really enjoyed our time here. The staff was very pleasant to work with. The cost is reasonable and it was one of our favorites.”

Nicole – Bronze Package – 4/15/16 – 25 participants


“We had a lot of fun. It was a great staff bonding event. It was very family friendly and the customer service and staff was wonderful.”

Abby – Mount Saint Mary’s Silver Package – 4/15/16 – 15 participants


“ShadowLand is the only place worth playing laser tag. The service was great and we will always come back.”

Ms. Lukasewicz – Bronze Package – 3/12/16 – 15 participants


“I was very pleased with ShadowLand. It was fun, energetic, and has quality service to its customers.”

Kevin – Temple Hills – 3/12/16 – 21 participants


“Our school had a great time. The employees were wonderful to work with. The service and facilities were great.”

Shannon – Lake Pleasant School Bronze Package – 3/10/16 – 30 participants


“It is well maintained and the laser arena is a gorgeous space. All of our members didn’t arrive on time but your customer service accomodated our circumstance very well and professionally!”

Henry – Mount Vernon Church of Christ – 3/5/16 – 8 participants


“It was wonderful. Our party sponsor was very patient with our teens. Food and drinks were taken care of efficiently.”

Arragon – St. Mary’s Catholic Church Youth Group – 3/5/16 – 45 participants


“Everyone was friendly and helpful. We would recommend your place again.”

Amy – Troop 4331 – 1/3/16 – 13 participants


“We loved it! The staff were patient, accommodating, and attentive.”

Jessica – Ohr Kodesh Congregation Kadima Bronze Package – 12/24/15 – 30 participants


“Very busy and fun but the staff was very expedient and took great care of us. Definitely would recommend this as an end of season soccer party location.”

Jennifer – Predators Bronze Package – 11/14/15 – 24 participants


“The kids loved it and the staff was excellent!”

Donna – Bronze Package – 11/1/15 – 15 participants


“It was great. The girls loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it.”

Michelle – Girl Scout Troop 5649 Silver Package – 9/20/15 – 40 participants


“They are very organized and the kids have lots of fun!”

Carlos – Single Play – 9/19/15 – 14 participants


“The event went well and the staff worked well. I would recommend this to others.”

Sarah – Bronze Package – 8/19/15 – 45 participants


“It was great fun and run smoothly! The staff was great and the facility is clean!”

Michael – Going Places Silver Package – 8/2/15 – 45 participants


“Sydney was our hostess. She was amazing and kept everything in order. Planners and manager were very accommodating. This was fun for parents and kids! I will have all future birthday parties here!”

Meredith – Birthday Party – 8/1/15 – 9 participants


“It was absolutely spectacular! I had my very own party sponsor and he did everything for me. I didn’t have to move a single finger. He watched the kids, cleaned the room, served the guests, and didn’t even expect anything.”

Riley – Bronze Package – 7/18/15 – 12 participants


“Sinatra was extremely courteous and helpful. 2:00 in the afternoon on a weekday is a great time to have a birthday party.”

Sophia – Silver Package – 6/23/15 – 9 participants


“Great as usual. We’ve been coming here for over 8 years. The kids have fun. No matter what their interests, all of our campers like coming here.”

Gina – Faith United Methodist Church Bronze Package – 6/16/15 – 11 participants


“Our event was great. The teens really enjoyed the games and the sponsor, Jessica, was very friendly.”

Angel – Street Outreach Network Gold Package – 6/16/15 – 14 participants


“We’ve had a party here before and both times were great. It was well organized and a good value.”

Cindy – Bronze Package – 6/14/15 – 14 participants


“Teen group had a fun time. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Good place for different age groups.”

Rick – Birthday Party – 6/13/15 – 9 participants


“Easy to set up with the organized crew here. The kids loved it.”

Ruth – Westland Middle School – 6/12/15 – 9 participants


“The staff was extremely helpful and accommodating. They were so kind in rescheduling the party when some of the kids went to the wrong location. Great spot to have a fun birthday party for a reasonable fee.”

Asli – Bronze Package – 6/7/15 – 14 participants


“Fantastic! The kids felt supported and had a great time. Everyone feels like they are included. It was one of the best events I’ve had.”

Sandy – Love to Learn Tutoring Bronze Package – 6/6/15 – 10 participants


“The event was very well organized, the facility is very clean and well maintained, and the kids enjoyed the arcade while we waited. It provides an active and fun way to celebrate a birthday or other occasion. My kids love it more than any other event.”

Irena – Birthday Party – 6/6/15 – 9 participants


“We had a great time. We’ll come back with just adults next time.”

Henry – Lock In – 6/6/15 – 17 participants


“We do this annually. It’s more affordable than most other options. The employees and their families always look forward to it.”

Katelyn – SSATI corporate outing – 5/28/15 – 33 participants


“The event was perfect, The play arena was great. We liked the gems once we got the hang of them.”

Shannon – Heathplex team building experience – 5/22/15 – 6 players


“It went very smoothly. It was nice to have someone handle the details with food and cleanup besides me. The girls had fun and I had a stress-free event. The cost is better than other places.”

Amy – Girl Scout Troop 5552 group outing – 5/3/15 – 20 participants


“It went well. We’ve been here several times. The kids enjoy it a lot. It’s something different to do.”

Tammy – Bronze package – 4/25/15 – 11 participants


“Jerome and Nick were very personable and assisted in making this event a success. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a blast.”

Bianca – Bronze package – 4/18/15 – 15 participants


“Today’s event was excellent. The GEM concept with different power ups is a great way to keep each round fun. We have only been to Ultra Zone and the laser tag experience and arcade are substantially better at ShadowLand.”

Kerron – Boys and Girls Club group outing – 4/14/15 – 28 participants


“It was one of the best parties we have had.”

Amanda – Silver package – 4/10/15 – 13 participants


“The staff is helpful and courteous. Our staff never have much we have to do ourselves.”

Ben – Kid Power group outing – 4/9/15 – 35 participants


“The customer service was superb. They were able to accommodate our party size with no problem. Unique for cardio, team building, and efficiency.”

Mary – Bronze package – 4/4/15 – 20 participants


“The staff were more courteous than other places we have been. Instructions were clear and everything went smoothly. We will return because my daughter loves laser tagging!”

Michelle – Bronze package – 4/3/15 – 15 participants


“We had fun and were well-instructed. It’s superior to other places and we returned because it’s good team bonding.”

Patricia – Mt. Hebron group outing – 4/2/15 – 25 participants


“We had a great time. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we will be returning. It’s great for team building and letting off some steam.”

Laticia – Air Force group outing – 3/20/15 – 15 participants


“We all loved it. We usually just drink a lot. This was a lot more fun and much more productive. ShadowLand was very accommodating. It was great for team building and an aggression outlet.”

Thera – team building experience – 3/19/15 – 13 participants


“Kyle and Rachel were very helpful and professional. Everything is here! We loved that we could bring our own food.”

Mary – Bishop Ireton student party – 2/4/15 – 29 participants


“It was a great way to get our team together outside of work. It was easy and fun.”

Caroline – team building experience – 2/1/15 – 12 participants


“The boys and the parents had a lot of fun. It’s one of our most popular events with the scouts.”

Dawn – Boy Scouts group outing – 1/31/15 – 56 participants


“It was fun for all ages. It kept everyone occupied and didn’t take too much time to get organized. It’s also affordable using the Bronze Package.”

Grace – Crossing Point Day School group outing – 12/30/14 – 9 participants


“The staff was super friendly and helpful. We had a wonderful time. It was great for a smaller group and was something different to enjoy.”

Mic – US Inspect group outing – 12/19/14 – 12 participants


“It’s great exercise and team building in a nice facility.”

Ed – NDU-CASC group outing – 12/18/14 – 9 participants


“It was entertaining and competitive; different from our other events. We were more active and worked together as a team. The staff were very knowledgeable and pleasant.”

Charlene – Allegis group outing – 1/12/14 – 22 participants


“It was very exciting. Activities were fun and just wonderful. The staff was very helpful. It’s home away from home.”

Angela – MC&A group outing – 12/11/14 – 43 participants


“It was very organized. Well done. The kids had fun.”

Stephanie – Storm 164 group outing – 12/2/1413 participants


“As soon as we arrived, the staff was very courteous and attentive. They were very thorough in explaining the rules of laser tag. It was way more interactive than other team building events we have done in the past. We also enjoyed the arcade.”

Kira – Washington Nationals group outing – 11/21/14 – 54 participants


“The kids seemed to have fun. Reasonably priced and good value. Smooth as silk!”

Birthday party – 11/2/14 – 12 participants


“Organized and well run. Staff was helpful. It was a nice change of pace from other things we have done. It’s conveniently located, decently priced, and fun and engaging.”

Girl Scouts group outing – 10/17/14 – 11 participants


“We had a big, loud group and ShadowLand played right along. It got the guys moving around and doing something new. Quality laser tag arena that had plenty of room for the whole team. Great staff.”

Bryan – Rackspace group outing –10/1/14 – 10 participants


“The staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. All students and staff had a great time.”

Ed – Youth For Tomorrow group outing – 9/19/14 – 12 participants


“Staff support was excellent. They thought of everything!”

Matthew – Westfield High School Baritones group outing – 8/27/14 – 17 participants


“Kids like it and feel safe. The staff were very nice to us.”

Helen – Choi’s Dragon Martial Arts group outing – 8/21/14 – 21 participants


“It’s orderly and simple for both kids and adults. The kids had a good time and we will definitely be back.”

Will – Lloyd Irving Martial Arts Lock In – 8/20/14 – 20 participants


“All of the teens had a great time. From the time we entered, the registration process was smooth andn easy! The staff were friendly and we had a great time. We’ll be coming back.”

Anthony – Reston Teen Center group outing – 8/14/14 – 23 participants


“It’s a great place to have your party. They have great staff members and great customer service. Children like it and it’s convenient and fun.”

Brittany – Kinder Care Vienna group outing – 8/14/14 – 11 participants


“Josh, the party sponsor, was awesome. Very helpful.”

Rebecca – work group – 7/24/14 – 22 participants


“Our laser tag session was filled with fun and excitement. The arena was not overcrowded and the kids loved it! Every session over the years has been just as good as the first! It’s safe, clean, and affordable. The staff are friendly, helpful, and have a great attitude. It offers the best experience for summer camp kids!”

Lisa – Black Belt Academy – 7/24/14 – 20 participants


“I had such a great time! It’s fun for all ages.”

Elizabeth – group outing – 7/21/14 – 2 participants


“It was fun, something different from a pool party or a movie.”

Alison – birthday party – 7/19/14 – 13 participants


“This event was great to get our team together, many of whom had never met before. The teamwork and communication was superb and we were able to provide a unique introduction to our company. It was incredibly fun and entertaining. The array of game types was fantastic compared to other tagging places. The staff was friendly and went out of their way to ensure we were successful.”

Morgan – Wyvern Interactive – 7/12/14 – 7 participants


“Very organized. My kids love laser tag and we attend every year.”

Denyse – Franklin Glen Gators – 7/10/14 – 112 participants


“The purple score cards kept the kids entertainment between games – great idea. Very well organized, friendly staff, and the kids loved it.”

Lisa – group outing – 6/29/14 – 12 participants


“Everyone was really helpful and the kids had a blast. Can’t beat the price!”

Pat – St. Croix Central – 6/2/14 – 114 participants


“This was our first experience here and we really had a great time! The girls enjoyed all of the themes too. This is a great venue for getting energy out and keeping the kids entertained. We will definitely come back!”

Dawn – Girl Scout Troop 2765 – 6/1/14 – 15 participants


“It was high energy and fun for the kiddos.”

Eric – St. Mark’s Jr High Youth group – 5/30/14 – 14 participants


“We had  lot of fun and facilitator (Caitlin) did a great job. We were able to do different challenges that changed up the game. The staff was friendly and helpful. There was a nice variety of games.”

Sally – Work team building experience – 5/19/14 – 16 participants


“I love how accommodating and flexible they are about numbers. They’re also very friendly. I have all of my son’s birthday parties here.”

Leigh – Charge 56 church group – 4/5/14 – 12 participants


“The kids had a blast! We will definitely return with our team next season. It was such a fun experience with one team that we decided to bring two teams and make it a competition! The kids were really excited to participate.”

Rebecca – Team bonding – 3/1/14 – 29 participants


“The event went well. They ShadowLand employees were very accommodating and made this a great experience. I came here last year with my team and was happy with the service. Who doesn’t like laser tag??? Enough said.

Joe – Basketball team – 2/23/14 – 14 participants


“We had a ton of fun! Everyone loves laser tag. No one felt left out or singled out.”

Charisse – Bronze package/birthday party – 1/30/14 – 16 participants


“I really liked the organized service. Laser tag was fun and the food was great.”

George – Bronze package – 1/24/14 – 17 participants


“Excellent, well managed, and great attitude. Close proximity and great environment.”

Barrett – Ox Hill Baptist Church silver package – 1/19/14 – 28 participants


“The event went extremely well. It’s fun and safe and we will attend a second year!”

Mary – Pogo Girl Scouts overnight lock-in – 1/18/14 – 71 participants


“Lots of fun. This is our 2nd year coming as a family and we all had a great time. The staff was exceptional. It’s family friendly, clean, and wholesome fun. I would recommend ShadowLand to other families.”

Patti – Lock-In – 1/12/14 – 13 participants


“We really enjoyed our time at ShadowLand. Great customer service. One of the best parties I’ve held for my daughter.”

Vanessa – birthday party – 1/11/14 – 15 participants


“Booking the event was easy and the staff were extremely helpful. Laser tag never gets old.”

Colleen – silver package – 1/10/14 – 13 participants


“Staff was helpful, facility was clean, new arcade games were a plus.”

Michele – Grace Covenant Church lock-in – 12/31/13 – 70 participants


“Friendly staff, very accommodating.”

Jocelyn – Suntrust silver package – 12/19/13 – 11 participants


“This was my 4th time back and it far exceeded my expectations. We always have a great experience.”

Pam – Troop 1419 bronze package – 12/15/13 – 14 participants


“It went very well. It was good timing and allowed everyone to play. The planning was easy. I’ve normally had parties at home and it was stressful. This was great.”

Christina – bronze package – 12/14/13 – 13 participants


“We had a great time and will definitely be back! The staff was very accommodating. This tops every other event we’ve ever had.”

Nikki – CCC Holiday Adventures gold package – 12/13/13 – 12 participants


“The party is well organized and the staff work with you to make sure your party goes well. This is something my daughter looks forward to all year. We have had several parties here and we keep coming back!”

Cheryl – birthday party – 11/27/13 – 13 participants


“This was a great time. It reminded everyone of when we were young. We had a good time last year and wanted to do it again.”

Rachel – Bronze package – 11/15/13 – 20 participants


“It was fun and easy. It was amazing and very little work for me. The convenience was terrific and the kids had a blast. The kids really wanted to come back because it was so fun.”

Dorothea – FPYC 09 Fury Silver Package – 11/10/13 – 20 participants


“Very good, lots of fun for all. We like to come here for team parties.”

Katrina – Stars 13 Youth Baseball Silver package – 11/2/13 – 16 participants


“Event was awesome. The girls had a great time, the facilities were great, and the staff was extremely courteous and a pleasure to work with. It’s a good family atmosphere and great accommodations.”

Jon – Gainesville Middle School Volleyball Silver package– 11/1/13 – 22 participants


“Our event was lots of fun. It’s the best one we’ve ever had.”

Karl – Mormon Youth Bronze package – 10/17/13 – 32 participants


“We all had an amazing time. We will definitely do it again. Taylor is the da best! It’s a great family friendly environment and fun for all.”

John – Westfield Homecoming Gold package – 9/28/13 – 12 participants


“Nice place, good staff. It’s a good place for teens.”

Sarah – Oakton Homecoming Gold package – 9/28/13 – 17 participants


“Awesome. Great staff and you all handled everything! Food, invitations, paying over the phone, it was all easy breezy. My daughter and her friends all enjoyed themselves.”

Kenya – birthday party – 9/27/13 – 4 participants


“Everything was great! It was perfect.”

Mary – birthday party – 9/14/13 – 12 participants


“Very well done. We chose this last minute and the staff were very accommodating. It’s something everyone can enjoy.”

Deborah – Reston Community Center/Camp Goodtimes group outing – 8/1/13 – 40 participants


“It was great. My campers had a lot of fun. We will definitely come back next summer! It was well organized and the staff were friendly. The area was clean.”

Angie – Winwood Summer Camp – 7/29/13 – 20 participants


“Great organization – no waiting time. The kids love laser tag.”

Hayfield Swim Team group outing – 7/5/13 – 47 participants


“It was great! The kids had so much fun. We had 47 kids play and everything went very smoothly. Thank you!”

Christine – Fox Hunt Swim Team group outing – 6/25/13 – 47 participants


“Excellent! It went like clockwork and we had a great time.”

Greg – Silver Package – 6/23/13 – 8 participants


“Malaz was fantastic! We had a group of rowdy teenagers and she adapted her briefing style perfectly. The event itself was one of the best we’ve had and it was easy to plan with your events coordinator.”

John – Gold Package – 6/23/13 – 16 participants


“Fun, well organized, affordable!”

Jenna – Silver Package – 6/22/13 – 10 participants


“Went smoothly and was on time. The staff were helpful. They had a blast for a fair price.”

Terri – Silver Package – 6/15/13 – 10 participants


“The employees cared and were very helpful. It’s fun for all ages and even high schoolers had a good party.”

Tim – Room Rental/Power Play – 6/14/13 – 12 participants


“Great for teenagers, large groups, and later evening parties. We were here before for a school fundraiser and decided to come back and have a party. The ease of party planning was impressive. It’s hard finding somewhere to have a party for older kids, but this place was great.”

Sherri – Bronze Package – 6/11/13 – 10 participants


“It went very well. The kids had fun and enjoyed their time. It’s a family friendly and enjoyable place for kids.”

Ilham – SYC Devils Silver Package – 6/8/13 – 20 participants


“This was so much fun. The food was delicious and the karaoke was fun. This is much better than other events I’ve had, no comparison.”

NSBE Staff Retreat – 5/28/13 – 25 participants


“The kids had a great time. It’s also fun for adults if they want to play as well. It’s affordable and very easy. The staff were very flexible with adding new players.”

Liz – Bronze Package – 5/4/13 – 10 participants


“It was a lot of fun. We didn’t expect it to get so intense. It’s fun for all ages.”

Amanda – Invincea Gold Package – 5/2/13 – 30 participants


“The event went very smoothly. The staff was friendly and helpful. The facilities are clean. The booking prices went smoothly.”

Linzie – Potbelly Silver Package – 4/21/13 – 10 participants


“It was great. The girls had a great time playing laser tag all night. We want to come back.”

Mary – Girl Scouts Lock In – 4/20/13 – 50 participants


“We showed up. We lasered. It was awesome. The staff was very cooperative and helpful. It’s always fun no matter how bad at it you are.”

The McGrupts – Group Outing – 4/19/13 – 4 participants


“It went very smooth from minute 1 to the last second. It was safe, fun, and simple. Thank you to Chuck for your service. It was excellent!”

Alicia – Power Play – 4/19/13 – 22 participants


“Crystal was great. She made the party easy and fun. The staff is great and the kids had lots of fun. It was the best party ever.”

Tiffany – Birthday Party – 3/23/13 – 10 participants


“Everything went well. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Excellent service! Great for the price!”

Mary – Group Outing – 2/8/13 – 8 participants


“We had many first timers who definitely want to come back! We had a blast. It was good exercise and fun teamwork!”

Linda – Silver Package – 12/13/12 – 14 participants


“Thomas had a blast. It was better than we expected. Action packed hour, plus adults can play too.”

Jeff – Birthday Party – 11/23/12 – 9 participants


“We loved it! The kids had a great time and we were taken care of all through the night. It’s fun for all ages! The parents and students asked for us to repeat this event!”

St. Andrew’s Youth Group – Silver package – 11/16/12 – 12 participants


“It was a blast! The group really enjoyed a day off work running around. It’s unique and the employees really enjoyed the experience. It’s a good workout and everyone of all ages can enjoy.”

CACL – Silver package – 11/2/12 – 15 participants


“It was fun and good exercise. We loved it!”

Kim’s Homecoming party – Gold package – 10/20/12 – 15 participants


“We tried playing at Ultra Zone but ShadowLand is much, much better. The staff were great and very helpful. The facilities were clean and the games were well organized and fun.”

Marta – Bronze package – 10/14/12 – 12 participants


“We had another super adventure. The staff was friendly, helpful, and stayed busy making sure each adventure was superb and memorable. ShadowLand always leaves the guest hyped up and wanting to come back. The location, staff, and adventures can’t be beat. We had the best time ever! My son and his friends love coming for the adventures and comraderie. The arcade adds extra entertainment.”

Beverly – Bronze package – 10/13/12 – 8 participants


“This event was a lot longer compared to others, which is nice. It’s also cheaper than other places.”

Valerie – Bronze package – 10/7/12 – 13 participants


“I am totally grateful to Caitlin for her patience and kindness. We had an awesome time and the staff played a tremendous role. I will hold this event high because of the convenience, great entertainment, and the easy clean up. It’s easy for moms to throw parties for their kids here.”

Marian – Bronze package – 10/6/12 – 12 participants


“It was a great time that kept the kids entertained. The staff was very friendly. Everything was in good working order. The kids really enjoyed laser tag because it gives them a chance to run around and have fun. It was worthwhile to make another trip out here. The counselors have just as much fun as their campers.”

Camp Sonshine – Bronze package – 7/24/12 – 80 participants


“Our kids love ShadowLand more than any other place. The price is fair and I like how organized it is.”

KinderCare Vienna – Summer Camp package – 7/23/12 – 17 participants


“It was lots of fun, ran smoothly, and was well prepared. It’s safe and all ages can play together. Great for a team outing! This is a yearly event for us. We tried another laser tag place two years ago and ShadowLand is definitely the best!”

Kingsbrooke Sea Lions Swim Team – Bronze package – 7/17/12 – 25 participants


“The kids have a great time every time! The kids are happy and things ran smoothly!”

Franklin Glen Gators Swim Team – Lock in – 7/16/12 – 105 participants


“Fantastic! From beginning to end, your staff was great and super helpful. It’s a family atmosphere.”

Awana Church Group – Youth group outing – 7/14/12 – 57 participants


“We all had a great time! The ShadowLand team was great to work with and made it easy to coordinate 45 kids! This was a 10! The kids had fun, parents had a chance to relax, and it was easy to make happen! The staff is great, the facility is clean and has a lot to offer, and the price is right! Every time we come, the experience is great.”

Manor Gate Marlins – Bronze package – 7/12/12 – 45 participants


“Very cooperative and flexible. We had youth events here for years and this was one of the most positive experiences yet! Our youth really enjoy coming to ShadowLand to play due to location and prices.”

Ox Hill Baptist Church – Bronze package – 7/11/12 – 37 participants


“The group event went smoothly. It was the only laser tag place that gave the kids a copy of their score sheets. The facility was clean and the staff was friendly.”

American Martial Arts – Bronze package – 7/11/12 – 30 participants


“Great choice for our youth group to be out together. Fun outing!”

King of Kings Lutheran Church – Bronze package – 6/26/12 – 12 participants


“This was easier to plan and execute than other parties we’ve had. It was awesome!”

Madison – Birthday party – 6/16/12 – 9 participants


“The party room was awesome! This event rocked compared to other ones we’ve had. The management was great!”

Antioch Youth – Silver package – 6/5/12 – 40 participants


“The girls had a blast. Everything went very smoothly.”

Girl Scout Troop 2569 – Silver package – 6/4/12 – 10 participants


“We had an amazing time! Madi did a great job with the kids and everyone was smiling the whole way through. It was so easy. I felt like I didn’t have to lift a finger. Brady loved his friends’ parties so much and he loved his too.”

Patricia – Birthday party – 6/3/12 – 12 participants


“This was probably one of the best events I’ve had! It was amazing. It occupies children and it’s a lot of fun, even for adults.”

Tommy – Birthday party – 6/2/12 – 12 participants


“It was great! The kids had a blast! The staff was very helpful and friendly.”

Blake – Birthday party – 6/2/12 – 9 participants


“The event was well put together. Sydney and Heather were both fantastic! The atmosphere was warm and friendly. The team at ShadowLand made me and my family feel at home.”

Derek – Birthday party – 6/2/12 – 8 participants


“It was very successful! Everyone had a good time. It’s very easy to get the hang of and much more intense than other activities!”

Pat – Bronze package – 6/1/12 – 15 participants


“The event was a great team building experience. The value and staff were both excellent.”

Grace Bible Church – Youth group outing – 5/26/12 – 18 participants


“It was great. The staff were friendly and experienced. They made the occasion delightful. The facility was very clean.”

Antioch Youth – Lock in – 5/19/12 – 58 participants


“The price is great for the amount of fun. It’s in a great location, has good hours, and is an awesome product.”

Mt. Saint Mary’s – Lock in – 4/21/12 – 50 participants


Note: All testimonials before April 2012 were removed to clear up space.

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