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  • Birthday Party featuring Laser Adventures

    See why ShadowLand is the region's #1 party destination - Economical, pay for just those that play, enjoy your private events rooms, option to bring in your own food and then choose what exciting adventure you play. Before choosing where to go for your next super-special event, click on the movie camera for a brief informational video to explore the ShadowLand party experience.

    Youth Social Event - Events room desired

    Graduation parties, "Sweet 16" parties, 18th birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs. Groups such as summer camps, scout troops, churches, schools, synagogues. For over 20 years ShadowLand has been the destination of choice for the region's youth groups.

    Youth Outing - No events room needed

    Does your group just want to play 1, 2 or more adventures and hang out in the lobby and arcade in between? If you have 9 or more players and want to reserve a time, we have pre-established slots set up to accommodate (deposit required). If you want to keep your arrival time loose, no problem, stop by whenever you want without a reservation and join the fun! Note: there may be a wait. Groups of 12+ are encouraged to call and let us know your approximate arrival time.

    Sports teams / School clubs outing When seasons come to an end, many teams and clubs go to a local pizzeria or stay in the school gymnasium for celebrations. This year, have that pizza in your own private events room. And get everyone laughing together with two exciting team adventures in the huge multi-level arena. Sports teams, robotics clubs, drama troupes, debate teams, school and college clubs have all discovered the ShadowLand team experience. Decide if it's right for your group by starting here. Click on the movie camera for a brief informational video.
    Adult party event

    Planning a 21st, 30th, or 40th birthday party? A bachelor party, ladies night, retirement party or rehearsal dinner? Just looking to get friends together for a laugh? ShadowLand - more exciting than the local restaurant, less expensive than those large arcades stores in the mall. Quality catered food available. BYOB upon request. And then design your event by choosing which of our exciting adventures you'll experience during your outing.

    Corporate, business, office outing

    4 things distinguish ShadowLand office outings : "Whole Group" (where else can 40 people take part in the SAME activity at the SAME time?), easy to organize, super exciting and fun, and very economical. Private events room, catered food options, BYOB if your event calls for it. Find out why ShadowLand has become the go-to venue for area businesses looking for something a little different in there next team-building outing. Click on the movie camera for a brief informational video.

    Deluxe VIP Exclusive Party Event (Mondays 6-9pm only)

    If you want exclusivity for your celebration and/or want the chance to explore the many adventures available at ShadowLand, then this is your event. Great for special birthday parties, family gatherings, or corporate outings. Just your group at the center. BYOB available at your private ShadowLand event.

    Hourly or Overnight Lock-in (outside normal store hours)

    Looking for exclusivity for your group and are flexible on when you can hold the event? Try our lock-ins by the hour. This may be the most economical way for your group to get the most adventures. Stay for a few hours and add some food to the fun. Or for those groups looking for the ultimate fun-fest, consider the Overnight lock-in option (12mid-7am). Click the name to view pricing.


    ShadowLand makes many contributions to non-profit organizations in its communities. If you're looking to organize a different type of fundraiser then view our current programs here : If you want ShadowLand to make a donation to your currently planned fundraiser, please send the letter from the organization aswell as the mailing address of the organization to :


    How else can we help you bring some smiles and laughter into your life?

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