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Locutus’s Top Tip

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The “Courtesy Shot”

“What should I do when someone keeps following me in the arena and tagging me every time I re-set?”

Monthlytip-2I wish I had $1 for every time I heard someone come out of the arena saying something like ….”That little kid kept on following me and tagging me” or “Is it against the rules to keep following people and tagging them throughout the game?”

The technology at ShadowLand has been designed to allow you to keep these “stalkers” from bothering you… you just need to remember the “courtesy shot”.

The courtesy shot allows a person who has just been tagged the chance to get off a shot before they become vulnerable again. It was designed specifically to allow every player the chance to stop people from hounding them constantly in the arena. Here’s how to use the courtesy shot:

When you’ve been tagged and your lights are blinking, aim for the person who has been following you and keep both triggers pushed down. A half-second before you become vulnerable again, your phaser is active and you will have the chance to tag your opponent before they can tag you.

Just don’t miss – you only have one chance to tag them while you remain invulnerable !

Until next time, Locutus

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