Parties for Adults at ShadowLand

It’s true that laser tag is often associated with kids and younger people, but at ShadowLand, we are firm believers that laser tag should be fun and accessible to all! That’s why we offer parties for adults, whether for birthdays, corporate events, or just for fun!

ShadowLand: A Perfect Place for Parties for Adults

Laser tag began because an adult saw a science-fiction movie and was inspired. Why should adults be barred from the excitement and thrill that comes from a few rounds of laser tag? The answer is that they shouldn’t! At ShadowLand, our parties for adults are geared toward convincing you that anyone can enjoy our centers no matter their age. You’d be surprised how many ‘older’ people participate!

If you want to host a private event of your own for close friends, we can accommodate. If you’re looking for a place to unwind after work while enjoying some snacks and drinks, we can accommodate. For birthday, surprise, bachelor/bacheloette, and other parties, we can accommodate! Part of the value of coming in to ShadowLand is that we are well-suited for a dozen or more types of events.

Are you looking for something to do with friends that isn’t the same old thing? Tired of your usual restaurants, bars, and hangouts? Looking to get out of the house to have fun, but don’t want to break the bank? That’s where ShadowLand comes in. Our parties for adults can be crafted to suit your needs, including your group size and desired game format. Since we have five locations, you won’t have to travel far to get to one of our centers. Also, because we have different party packages, you can customize the experience to be exactly what you’re looking for down to the last detail.

Did you know ShadowLand is BYOB? Don’t worry about paying a huge sticker price for drinks; you can bring them in to provide whatever refreshment you want. Also, since these events start after 7:15 PM, you don’t have to worry about facing off with kids in the arena. You can even have the whole place to yourself if you come in on a “lock-in” Monday night!

If you’re interested in parties for adults, then visit or contact the ShadowLand Laser Adventures nearest you by¬†clicking here! We will be happy to go over the details with you so that we can shape the event to be exactly what you envisioned. Our goal is always customer satisfaction, so take the time to shape this vision with us and we will carry it out without fail.


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