The Future of Laser Tag Is Constantly Evolving

When it began, laser tag already had a “futuristic” feel. You used phasers and vest in a space-like arena to compete, and many people felt as if they were engaged with an adventure from the 22nd century or beyond. We’re in 2017 now, but that doesn’t mean that the future of laser tag is any less exciting today!

A Look into the Potential for the Future of Laser Tag

A Chicago-based company called LyteShot has created a way to (in theory) bring a fresh, exciting look to this recreational activity. They turn some of the phasers from their traditional style of play into “wands” which allow the user to use spells (chosen from a smart phone). In this way, it takes on the kind of feel that our themed games have here at ShadowLand.

LyteShot also makes it so that those who are interested in software or game development can get in on their slice of the future of laser tag. Those with the resources can develop their own kinds of “peripherals,” or the devices used to play this brand of laser tag. LyteShot encourages those people to use 3D printers to craft their own, making the experience unique and personalized.

In addition, it’s now possible to bring even more technology in this kind of play. “You can pair LyteShot up with Epson’s Moverio glasses, and suddenly you have a gaming HUD right in front of your eyes.” What this means is that you can get a sort of game screen on those glasses, as a sort of augmented reality application, and you can view such things as where your opponents are located. Also possible is seeing your “current score, time remaining, and other statistics.” Put simply, this kind of development brings laser tag into modern day and beyond.

It’s unclear how far these creations will spread, but other companies are likely to take notice. Laser tag is a game that has been changing and developing since its inception, and this is no exception. To come in with your friends for some of the most fun you’ve had in recent history, visit or contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today! We will be happy to go over the details with you so that we can shape the event to be exactly what you envisioned. Our goal is always customer satisfaction, so take the time to shape this vision with us and we will carry it out without fail.


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