A new twist to an old game: Laser Tag Capture the Flag

Whether you are a loyal fan of laser tag or a newbie, you will love the following specialty game suggestion: Capture the flag.

Yes, Capture the Flag is a traditional outdoor and indoor sport but have you ever played capture the flag with lasers?

If you have not, let us just tell you it is pretty epic! If you get a group of friends together and designate sides within the territory you choose to play capture the flag, the event will be highly memorable!

Set a strategy to bring your team flag back to your home base! Execute your plan.

Tag your enemies and place them in your jail!

Remember in this specialty game, you are safe within your own territory; this means you cannot be “tagged” with a laser gun by the opposing team when in your specified territory. But once you are off your territory, you and your team members are vulnerable.

Get creative and buy eye-black for your team members to use to form an environment of team unity.

During the game, opposing team members can be forced to join your team or be jailed. This will make the traditional “jailbreak” more thrilling. When freed by a team member from the jail, those jailed get free walk-backs without the threat to be tagged by a laser while returning back to the home base.

If a member of your team has no lights left on his or her suit, this means he or she is completely eliminated from the game, no matter if in jail or not. This elimination will remain until the next session of laser tag.

While ShadowLand Laser Adventures does not offer capture the flag, we do have several unique gaming experiences including:

With just a few people, make it a Solo game – everyone for themselves. Quietly stalk your opponents to earn rank #1

Standard Team
ShadowLand’s system has four different team colors for up to four different teams. A variety of different combinations of powers, spells and cures make even this standard format limitless.

With your team format set, you and your teammates set strategy for defending your Headquarter base while trying to capture your opponent’s base.

Advance your position through a series of different  stages. Complete the objective at each stage and receive ever more useful powers. Your suit changes colors at each level. In some cases, this format is combined with an elimination format so that, in the end, there is only one person remaining in the arena.

Time Constraint
Your team competes against another team…. and against the clock…. to survive!

The ultimate team format – everyone on the team is linked into a ‘collective’ to share energy, credits.

ShadowLand Adventures’ awesome technological assets allow you; your team members and opponents to keep updated on rank statuses, making the gaming experience satisfy you beyond your imagination’s wildest gaming experiences. The staff is here to help you make the gaming experience of your dreams come true!

If you have any questions, contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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