Best Valentines Day: Build A Bear And Laser Tag Gaming

Do you want to plan something wonderful for the kids this Valentine’s Day? If yes, make this Valentine’s Day a joyous one with a few games of laser tag and  some fun create a friend activities.

At ShadowLand we provide Create A Bear activities to help children bond with peers and participate in team building. Yes, building a bear is a team building activity.

Creating stuffed animals helps children channel in their creativity and it also can teach them how to give back to the community. At ShadowLand your child can build a bear for his/her self as well as build bears to be donated to children in need.

With laser tag and the build a bear activity, your child has the opportunity to learn valuable lessons about leadership and team building that they can learn to put into good practice at school, home and the community.

During our laser tag team building events we create games that promote good personalities and good temperament so children can demonstrate kinds and respect not only on Valentine’s Day but everyday.

The Create A Bear, Create A Friend in our Laser Tag Gaithersburg location and Laser Tag Springfield/Alexandria location are open and ready for business just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Stop by now to make your new best friend !

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