Corporate Games To Play To Enhance Team Building

When you are managing your business staff, you need all group members to understand they are more than just coworkers; they are a team. A team needs to practice together to keep prepared for any business obstacles your company may have to confront.

This article will help enhance your corporate team’s team building skills by providing you a list of games they can play to maintain strong team building skills. Read to learn about a few beneficial corporate games.

Pass The Clay

Divide the work group into teams of four to five people. Distribute a piece of clay to each team and tell the teams to create an object or scene. The catch to this game is only one teammate can work on the project at a time

Tell them to build a specific object or scene and give them a designated time to do the project. Give each teammate the same time to work on the project.

Bring the whole group together to look at the first round of creations. Play the game for two more rounds (different starting person each time).

After the final round, have a concluding group discussion that allows team members to share their experience working as a team. Ask about the results. Ask them about the times they were frustrated. Based on the game play, spark a discussion on what are office problems that can be addressed with teamwork.

Have A Blindfold Hunt

In this game, you can pair each member of the group with a partner. Give the pairs one blindfold. Have one person from each pair wear a blindfold. The person without the blindfold will guide the blindfolded teammate around an obstacle course using only verbal commands. When the course is completed, the roles are switched.

This activity will help your business team develop trust between each other and improve their communication and listening skills.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is an incredible indoor team-building game. The game can teach leadership skills, teamwork skills and why it is important to follow through on a common vision. Go to a laser-tag facility such as Shadowland Laser Tag Adventures and divide the team into smaller teams. Give the teams 20 minutes to choose a leader and create a laser-tag strategy. Let the teams learn to discuss strategy with each other and reorganize, when needed, to accomplish goals.

After laser-tag, allow the team members to discuss what they have learned about team work. Do this kind of activity on a regular basis.

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