Corporate Team Building: 5 Ways To Increase Team Creativity

The best teams to have in the corporate world are creative teams. Creativity is necessary for company growth and to improve the problem solving skills of the business team. If you are not sure your team is creative enough, this article will provide you five tips on making your team more creative.

Set Expectation

It is important to establish the role of your team. Tell the team it is a requirement to give fresh, new solutions to the problems the business faces daily. Expectations keep the company properly functioning.

Train The Team To Be Creative

Just because people are not naturally creativity, it does not mean they cannot learn to be creativity. You can teach the team to be creativity by scheduling time to conduct training sessions. One training session can be on effective brainstorming. Look up team creativity training methods for activity ideas.

Practice Creative Thinking

Practice makes perfect. Just like any skill, creative thinking and problem solving must be practiced to gain and maintain skills. Look for ways your team can practice the skills you have learned on a regular basis. Remember practice builds competence and competence will build confidence.

Recognize Creativity

When you see creativity from the team, you need to reward them so it can be repeated. It is important to recognize both successes and effort. Never expect every creativity endeavor to be successful. When creativity is valued, the team will learn it is safe to voice new ideas for the company to grow.

Model It

Remember for your team to be creative, they need to watch the leader be creative as well. As a leader, model creativity for your team so they can see you are just as engaged in the process of creating new ideas.

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Source: 5 Tips To Help Your Team Be More Creative

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