Enhancing Team Building Skills In Teens

Are you searching for ways to teach your teens how to strategize and work together to successfully reach goals? If yes, read now to learn how laser tag can teach them these invaluable skills.

Some people unfamiliar with the game of laser tag, think they are playing the game right if they can hit a target and make it to the end of the game still standing. However, there is so much more to the game that can help teen enhance their team building skills. Laser tag can teach teens and adults alike how to strategize as individuals while creating an environment for team advantage. Here are some ways to strategize and enhance team-building skills:

  1. Teach Your Teens How To Conceal themselves from Enemies. An enemy can’t harm you if they can’t see you or understand your strategy. Some great ways to conceal ones self in laser tag is to wear dark, environment blending clothes. Also, do not wear accessories that are highly interactive with black light such as hair gels and face paint. The more you learn to blend with your environment, the better you will be able to camouflage. This goes for the real world too – if you can appear like the enemy you can win over the enemy.
  2. When you are trying to shield yourself from danger, always move with groups. Never be the first or last to enter a playing field. Don’t move too fast and never move too slow. Isolating yourself will make you more vulnerable. Never make yourself more of a target than you have to be.
  3. Always stay moving. When you keep active continuously, it is hard for the enemy to know your next move.
  4. Take chances. In order to win in laser tag, you have to be aggressive. You will win more points tagging than you would lose points being tagged.

As for working as a team, let everyone one play a role. Let everyone know every teammate matters. Have a support system every time you make a move as a team. For example, designate two team members to double back, one on each side boundary. Let them move to the center for surprise attacks.

Create contingency plans for when opponents do this or when they do that. This will help your team anticipate the opponents’ move.

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