Halloween Manners: How Laser Tag Can Teach Your Child About Titles

Halloween is around the corner and it’s a holiday where manners are still appreciated. As a parent, you teach your child how to behave in public and interact appropriately with others.

One of the most important factors you should address about manners with your child is how he or she should address adults in an age of informality.

If your child never learns how to address an adult, he or she will become accustomed to treating the adult like a peer. Your child may not say any salutation or your child may say too casual of a salutation such as greeting an adult by first name only and saying ‘hey’.

This isn’t exactly appropriate in a school atmosphere, interviews or around elders.

You will want your child to be a polite member of society. Being polite allows a child to achieve grand ambitions. Your child should address Adults as Mr., Mrs., and Ms.

When your child is taught how to use appropriate titles with adults they know and don’t know alike. Unless the adult gives your child permission to call he or she otherwise, a respectful title should be given. Children need instruction.

An adult should always tell a child how he or she prefers to be addressed. This will teach your child early how to use formal modes of address that could prepare them for academic and business success in the real world.

Etiquette is meant to make life easier, not harder. Teaching your child manners simplifies interactions and makes these interactions enjoyable for all.

It is more than fine to teach your child to be mannerly and consider in a casual atmosphere. These fundamental principles are always in style.

If you want to teach your child about manners this Halloween in a fun and welcoming atmosphere, play a few games of Laser Tag at ShadowLand Adventures.

Read How Laser Tag Helps With Healthy Childhood Development to learn why laser tag is a good activity to help develop good character in children this Halloween.

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