How To Build Leadership Skills by Playing Laser Tag

Learning leadership skills at a young age is important for the healthy development of children. An effective way to teach children leadership skills is to let them play, fun, interactive games. This article will provide you advice on how to build leadership skills in children through game courses.

When playing leadership building games, it is crucial to debrief and process the purpose of gaming with children. Let them ask questions and highlight ways they can apply them to everyday life.

Here are some fun gaming activities you can try today:

Conduct A Obstacle Course

Go to an obstacle course and divide the children into pairs of two. Designate one person from each of the pairs as a follower and the other person a leader. Put a blindfold on each follower and have each leader guide a follower through the obstacle course. This game will help the children learn excellent verbal communication skills and learn to listen and trust each other.

Laser Tag

Take kids out for a day of laser tag.  Divide the team into two sub-teams. Let the children pick the leaders for both teams. Name the teams and let the teams as a whole pick a team cheer. Do not forget to give the teams and the leaders time to plan a strategy their game before playing laser tag.

Laser tag helps kids see the importance of working together to meet a common goal. Listening skills and group communication are greatly enhanced during activities such as laser tag.

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