How To Stop Bullies From Bullying Your Child

Has your child ever been bullied at school or during recreational activities? If yes, we are here to help your child stop being bullied by providing you 5 tips to bully-proof your child. Read below to get started.

Bullying of kids happens daily and weekly at school. Now bullying has made national headlines. This has made schools and communities promote anti-bullying. Here are ways to keep your child from being a target of bullying:

Talk About It

Talk to your child about bullying. Let your child know that bullying is never something to be tolerated. Share your stories of being bullied as a child. Make your child know it is okay to tell others he or she has been bullied. Learn what policies the school has about bullying and ask how do members of the staff address bullying.

Remove The Bait

Make sure your child does not bring items to school that would make her or him be a target of bullying. This includes expensive clothing or gadgets. If your child does not need it to learn in class, do not let him or her bring it to school.

Buddy Up For Safety

Make sure your child has a friend or two at school that will be there throughout the school day. Bullies are less likely to target kids with a buddy or two buddies. This includes having a buddy in the locker room, school bus, and bathroom.

Keep Calm and Carry On

If a bully tries to physically or verbally strike your child, tell your child to remain calm and ignore the bully by walking away. Bullies only gain power when hurting others. If a bully cannot ruffle your child, the child is less likely to be targeted by a bully.

Do Not Try to Fight A Battle Alone

As a parent, you should tell your child that he or she could bring bullying concerns to authorities. This includes you, a school official, a counselor or the law enforcement.

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Source: 5 Ways To Bully-Proof Your Kid

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