Laser Tag: How To Build Up Your Child’s Strategizing Skills

If you are looking for ways to improve your child’s strategizing skills, laser tag is a great activity for your child to build strategizing skills. This article will provide you information on how to teach your child to strategize in Laser Tag and beyond.

It is a very valuable life skill to learn to strategize to one’s individual and team advantage. An individual strategy is called a solo strategy. Working with a team is called a team strategy. Here is what you do for these strategies during game play and in the real world:

Solo Strategy

When planning one’s individual strategy, a person needs to conceal his or her self from enemies. No one can harm you, if no one can see you. A great way to stay invisible is to wear dark clothing that blends with your surroundings. Avoid wearing white clothes because it will stand out under black light. Hair gels and face paint should also be avoided.

The next, use others as shields. Whenever you leave your home base, go with group members. You should never be the first or last teammate to enter the playing field.

Once in the field, continuously move in random motions. If you keep your body sensors in motion, it will be harder to hit you. Knowing the terrain will also help you strategize.

Always remember that you will gain more points making a tag than you would lose points being tagged.

The Team Strategy

When you want your team to function well, you need to give all team members defined roles. Come up with a strategy to move about the playing field. Give labels. If you are good at football formations, you can definitely use similar tactics for laser tag. One of the best strategies is using a teammate as bait while the rest of the team does a formation to surround the opposing players. Surprise attacks are the best attacks.

Last but not least, anticipate your opponents’ moves. Whatever they do, counteract.

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Source: How To Strategize in Laser Tag

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