Not All Laser Tag Adventures Are Created Equal

If you thought every laser tag adventure was the same, then you have obviously never been to ShadowLand Laser Adventures. ShadowLand’s laser adventure system is unlike any other game system. More than just ‘laser-tag’ – ShadowLand’s adventure system creates a rich, diverse playing environment where a player’s intellect is more important than physical skills and where strategy-setting is the key to advancing your position and winning the game. Dozens of different game scripts (“adventure scenarios”) are available for you and your group to take part in.

ShadowLand creates this one-of-a-kind experience through the use of “currencies” which the player acquires and loses throughout the adventure. The system also has Game Enhancement Modules (GEMs) in the arena, which adds a third dimension to the experience. Finally, the system allows participants to encounter various “hidden forces” and acquire “special powers” during play through the use of innovative radio and infrared communication between players, between players and GEMs and between players and central game computer.

So as you can see, ShadowLand offers aspects and dimensions that other laser tag facility simply dream of. And if you still don’t believe us, take a look at some of the possible game scenarios:

Transylvania – Watch out…there are vampires in the arena! You know if vampires are on you – you’ll hear sucking blood and bat wings flapping from your suit. If they are on you, you lose 5 points per second until you can find garlic. Buy garlic from the GEMs and you scare the vampire away. See if you can survive Transylvania!

Werewolf – There’s a werewolf loose in the arena! When the werewolf tags you, you become a werewolf yourself and it’s your turn to track down others who are not yet bitten! Survive long enough to be the last player not bitten and you get bonus points. A new wave starts and you become the first werewolf to hunt the others!

Survivor – Players begin their adventure with limited ammo and energy and must use stealth and cunning to stay alive! When a player is tagged by the other team, they lose energy. Extra energy and ammo is available at certain GEMs in the arena…but at a high cost! Only a few can survive…will you be one of them?!

Defector – Fed up with you existing team? Tag a GEM and change teams. Now you can tag your original team mates! Go from red to yellow, to blue then back to red if you want. There is unlimited team switching during the adventure.

So what are you waiting for? Call today! If you have any questions, contact the ShadowLand Laser Adventures nearest you by clicking here today!

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