Not Your Ordinary Laser Tag

Ugh, laser tag is so played out, right? You run around shooting people with an invisible lasers. It is just the same scenario over and over and over…

Well, not at ShadowLand Laser Adventures, where every adventure is unique. ShadowLand has created a world, with dozens of different “adventure scenarios,” where intellect and strategy are more important than physical ability and an itchy trigger finger. How many other laser tag facilities incorporate powers, spells and curses into their adventures?

There is only one I can think of, ShadowLand Laser Adventures.

Powers, Spells, Cures

In your briefing your marshal will describe which spells and powers will be in the arena. The Marshal will tell you the number of credits needed to purchase a power or cure from A GEM. This number will be displayed on the GEM, allowing the player to know what power or Cure that GEM sells.

Once you’ve earned Credits by tagging other players, turn them in at GEMs for special powers or cures. Powers and Cures will help you advance your ranking in the adventure.

Different adventures have different powers and cures.


Once you earn Invulnerability, you are invincible for a short period. Use the time wisely to advance your position.


Stealth mode! This power shuts off lights on your bodysuit and phaser and silences the sounds of your suit. Phenomenal for stalking in ShadowLand adventures having just a few players.


A short-range, powerful grenade-type power, typically causing triple damage. A really wide burst that is emitted from the phaser blob in a wide arc of destruction tagging everyone in your vicinity.

Rapid Fire

The phaser fires bursts of 20 shot per second while the trigger is held down. Great for an offensive power burst!

Dark Thief

Stalk the ShadowLand arena and steal credits and ammo from other players. Flashing across your opponent’s LCD? Your code name telling them that you’re the one robbing them!

Mega Power

In those Shadowland adventures featuring Mega Power, you can turn your phaser into a tool that inflicts twice the damage to your opponents’ Energy levels.  With this power, the other team withers!

So what are you waiting for!? It is time to REALLY experience laser tag. So head on over to the ShadowLand nearest you for the best laser tag experience of your life. If you have any questions, contact the ShadowLand Laser Adventures nearest you by clicking here today!

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