The Arena

ShadowLand Laser Adventures is not your typical laser tag venue. An eerie, misty fog fills the air as specialty music, colored lights, and darting laser beams combine to create an environment unlike any other.

The arena is a multi-level landscape of carpeted ramps, walkways, alleyways, bridges, and towers, providing you with a complex maze to navigate while you hunt down your enemy. But watch out, there are various secret hideaways and strategic positions in which your opponent may be lurking.

Work with your team to set strategy or define your own strategy, based on the pre-game briefing, on how to advance your position in the adventure. Push your senses to the limit as you encounter the opposition and earn special powers to aid your quest. But avoid any spells or viruses spread by GEMs. If you do fall victim to a spell, find the GEM that will cure you.

Avoid the other team, but be careful with your aim, because you may be able to harm your own team (this is possible in certain adventures). Stalk your opponent quietly if there are only a few people in the arena or duck and doge if there are many opponents running about.

Each ShadowLand adventure has its own keys to success. Work out the best strategy by yourself or with your team and do whatever it takes to come out on top.

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