The Perfect Venue for Your Next Corporate Outing

Oh no, another boring corporate outing. That means lame team-building exercises in some stuffy room with the same people you see every day. There has to be a better alternative.

Well, there is.

ShadowLand Laser Adventures offers business team outings. So checkout our corporate packages. We have three major advantages over other meeting and team-building venues…

1.   ShadowLand’s laser adventures are ‘whole-group’, measurable and extremely fun. After choosing their ‘code-name’, your people are placed on a team of your choosing and enter the huge multi-level arena.At the end everyone gets a scorecard outlining everyone’s performance and team scores. Whole-group, measurable results and fun!

2.   We have the resources that other meeting locations have – private meeting rooms, food and all the other resources you’ll need to make your next meeting or team-building outing a success.

3.   We’re much more economical than other outings you’ve done previously. If you’re trying to build team spirit or reward your team for a recent success, why not accomplish this for a fraction of the price you might otherwise spend? We’re local, we have all the resources you need and we’re ready to help you tailor an event to meet your specific needs. Call the ShadowLand Center you want to visit today or email your request to us.

And ShadowLand is more than JUST laser tag. ShadowLand Adventures offers a state of the art interactive adventure system. So before you go writing us off, check out what ShadowLand has to offer.

If you have any questions, contact the ShadowLand Laser Adventures nearest you by clicking here today!

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