Safety in the Laser Tag Arena

Parents and guardians always want the best for their kids and want to keep them as safe as possible. As such, you might have some concerns about laser tag and whether or not it’s a safe activity. We hope to put some of those fears to rest with an informative post about safety while playing the game!

We Are Committed to Your Safety

Safety during our games is top priority. That’s why we have eyes on the arena at all times as staff members watch over everyone during the games to make sure rules are being followed. Some of those rules may not be popular among kids who want to run wild, but just as it’s important to not run around a pool, it’s important to follow our rules at ShadowLand, however arbitrary they may seem.

“Laser tag is an indoor physical activity.” It comes with all the same risks as any other indoor physical activity. Those who are running could fall, those who are horsing around might accidentally hurt each other, and other minor things could happen just during the course of the game. You should consider laser tag to be a “moderately physical activity” and judge from there whether or not this is an activity that you should be involved in based on your individual health.

Specific conditions aside, laser tag is for all ages. You can easily keep safe by not running and coming in contact with other players. In fact, your score will likely be better if you sneak around, hide, and remain unseen! We use appropriate terminology when labeling our gear and mechanics, too, avoiding words like ‘guns’ and ‘shots’ for ‘phasers’ and ‘points,’ for example. Our goal at ShadowLand is to provide everyone with a safe environment in which you can have fun with friends and family, and we take this goal very seriously.

If you still have concerns, then join a game! We don’t allow parent spectators in the arena (again, for safety reasons), but you can keep an eye on your children by heading in with them. You might have more fun than you expected while also being able to watch out for your kids.

To learn more about safety policies at ShadowLand, or to discuss any and all concerns, come visit or contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today! We will be happy to go over the details with you so that we can shape the event to be exactly what you envisioned. Our goal is always customer satisfaction, so take the time to shape this vision with us and we will carry it out without fail.


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