Game Strategy and Tips (Part Three)

“Should I play an offensive, aggressive game or should I hold back, play more defensively and not be tagged?” We discussed briefly some game strategy in the last post, but there’s always more to a solid game plan than just one blog post’s worth. Read on to learn a little about MegaPower!

Listen to Briefings for MegaPower Info and More

First things first in your ShadowLand strategy – Listen to the briefing. Make sure you listen to which adventure you’re playing and how points are allocated. You need to know how many points you earn in the adventure when you tag someone else, how many points you earn from trading in credits at the GEMs, and how much damage is done when you get tagged by MegaPower.

If the adventure is one in which you score more points for tagging a player than being tagged (for example, ShadowLand’s basic Mission 1, Mission 2 or Mission 3 where you earn 30 pts for tagging someone and lose only 1 point for being tagged), then the way to win is to play aggressively. Of course, you still need to follow the rules, but take more chances and expose yourself a bit more than you might usually in order to get those important hits on the other team.

If the adventure is set for you to gain less points by tagging someone than you lose as a result of being tagged then you should play with a more defensive strategy in mind. Remember also that the damage done by MegaPower changes in different adventures. If MegaPower is set to take away, for example, three times as many points as a normal tag, then be extra careful. You may want to earn and hold this power often to help keep the other team down and suppress their team score.

So the next time you’re in the briefing and you want to tell the marshal that you’ve played before and don’t need the details: sit back and listen. Knowing how the adventure allocates points should affect your strategy and will certainly make a difference in your end result. Modify your play accordingly – it will improve your score and ranking!

This is all assuming that you’re interested in winning the game, of course… and, if not, that’s okay! Fun and safety are the most important results of all, so make those your top priorities no matter what your game strategy is. Come visit or contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today!


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