5 Tips on Teaching Your Child Respect

Are you looking for ways to teach your child how to be respectful? If yes, we are here to help by providing you five great tips on teaching respect to your child. Read below to get started.


Teaching your child respect should be a necessary task of parenting. Your child will not learn to respect others unless you teach it, expect it and model it in your own behaviors.


As a parent, expect your child to take cues from you on how to socially interact with others. When children are around respectful people, they are more inclined to show respect. If they are around disrespectful people, they will learn disrespectful behaviors.



It takes years for a child to effectively learn respect. Be sure you set out time to teach your child this crucial life skill. Speak with respect to your child. Do not yell at him or her when you do not get your way.


Model Respect

When you show you respect other people, your child will want to respect other people. This is especially important with a romantic relationship with a partner. If you cannot have healthy relationships with your significant other, your child will catch on to it and start a cycle of lifetime unhealthy relationships.

Expect Respect

If you set standards high that respect is mandatory in your home and outside of your home, your child will do his or her best to live up to your expectations. You are one of his or her most important people in the world. Of course he or she wants to make you proud.


Teach Respect

State and visually show when you are respecting someone, including respecting yourself. You child will slowly but surely connect statements with actions. An example would be saying “ I am respectfully holding the door for you. Will you respectfully hold the door for me next time?”


Discuss Respect

When you see other children being respectful or disrespectful verbally or by behavior, make it obvious to your child. Say, “See that child is being respectful” or say, “ See that child is being disrespectful…do not do or say that.”


Praise Your Child for being Respectful

Positive reinforcements work very well in teaching your child respect. Thank your child and reward him or her with a treat or a fun activity, such as a ShadowLand Adventure, when he or she respects people and his or herself.


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Source: 10 Tips on Teaching Respect to Children: You Can’t Get It If You Don’t Give It!

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