Best Father’s Day Gifts: Laser Tag Physical Fitness

This Sunday is Father’s Day. There’s no better gift to give dad than a gift card to ShadowLand!

Having a laser tag adventure at our facility with your Father screams a fun day out. You’ll have plenty of time to bond with dad and you’ll help him stay in good health.

What are the health benefits dads can reap from laser tag?

For one, dad has the option to push himself harder than he would at the gym without the activity feeling like labor to him.

Laser tag will strengthen his logic skills with the complex laser tag obstacles and battle strategies. The gaming will also help him lower his blood pressure because the vigorous laser tag games will give dad 30 minutes to an hour or more of the regular exercise men need to stay physically fit.

It is important for aging men to maintain low blood pressure, prevent themselves from high cholesterol and reduce their stress levels at all time. Your dad can control all three with weekly laser tag sessions or monthly laser tag session.

The last thing you want your dad to experience is a heart bypass surgery, stroke, or heart attack.

In other words, laser tag is the physical fitness plan for dads and the typical couch potato alike.

The more physically active you and your dad remain in life, the healthier, happier and longer you both will live.

Help dad keep his heart and lungs healthy. Put a smile on his face this Father’s Day at ShadowLand Adventures.

Here at ShadowLand Adventure, we have state-of-the-art laser technology to give you and your dad the ultimate laser tag experience.

Don’t worry, before every laser tag game we go through all the laser tag safety rules to assure you and your dad have plenty of fun.

If you have any questions or want ShadowLand Adventures to organize and host your next team building event, then contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today!

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