Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes ShadowLand unique?

Each ShadowLand location has its own personality.  Aside from having their own theme throughout the location, ShadowLand stores were all hand painted and carefully thought out.  Aside from choosing a theme for each location, we take great care in keeping up on our equipment.  ShadowLand uses “Dark Light” for our laser tag equipment.  This allows us to create our own adventures with up to 4 different teams, lets our customers choose their own 12 character code name and comes with up to 70 different adventure scenarios.

Do I need a briefing every time I come in?

Yes, not only because it will refresh your memory of how to play but because we may change things and want to make sure you go into the adventure with all the information you may need to win.  With over 70 different scenarios, we have to teach you which one you will be playing!

What is the minimum age for laser tag?

We have a recommended age of 6 years old based on the weight of the equipment used to play (around 8 pounds) and the darkness of our arenas.  However, if you have a child under 6 years old don’t be discouraged!  As long as they can support the pack on their own and can navigate the arena by themselves without being scared, they are more than welcome to play!

How long does an adventure last?

Each adventure takes roughly 30 minutes.  This time is composed of a 10-15 minute briefing, a 15 minute game time and about 5 minutes of putting on your equipment, putting away your equipment and getting your scorecards.

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