Festive Christmas Party Games For The Kids

Are you searching for ways to entertain the kids for your Christmas Party? If yes, we are here to help by give you a few festive games you can play with the kids this holiday season.

Candy Cane Pass

Candy Cane Pass is a relay race for the kids. All you need are four candy canes per team. Make sure you have a few extras in case the candy canes break during the game.

A player from each team must hold four candy canes between his or her fingers. A player from each team will pass the candy canes down the line, until all team mates have ran the race with the four candy canes. The candy canes cannot be dropped or the whole team has to restart the game. The first team to have completed the tasks wins.

Santa Says

Santa says is similar to the game Simon Says. One player will be Santa and command the elves (the other players) to do tasks such as “Do 10 jumping jacks”. When Santa says ‘stop’ all players must stop. The players that do not stop are eliminated from the game. Santa Says is a great game for young children.

Word Find

Use Christmas themed words such as Christmas, Poinsettia, and Silent Night to make smaller words until the timer runs out. As the words get more challenging, make the time shorter for players to make smaller words. This will make the game fun and challenging.

For more Christmas party game ideas read article Holidays.Kaboose.com.

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