Christmas Fantastic Party Games

Christmas is almost here. It is time for family fun. We have some fun Christmas Party games for you. Read below to learn about fun Christmas Party games!

Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

This game is great for the entire family. All you need are Christmas stockings and holiday items to stuff your stockings. Make each stocking have 10 to 15 items. Tie each stocking with ribbon to make sure no one can see what is inside any of the stockings.

Play in teams by giving team members identical stockings. Let each team guess how many objects are in each stocking. The team that guesses the correct items will win them.

Christmas Word Scramble

Use a poster board, pen and paper. Make a list of words related to the holidays. Scramble up the letters contained in these words on the poster board.

Find Santa

Let the family find a hidden Santa throughout the house.  You can use a Santa ornament or create a cut out Santa image. Let one player hide the Santa. When players find the Santa, they cannot say they found it. They must sit near it. This game is not about winning but a fun game to do for a holiday party. This is great for children.

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