How to be a VIP: learn to save money and have fun.

Do you enjoy being in the know for the best deals in town? Do you like to feel important? Then you should join ShadowLand Laser Adventures VIP Coupon Club!


All you need to provide is your email address. You will get offers that are exclusively for the ShadowLand VIP Coupon Club. These offers are not published or announced to anyone but our VIP Coupon Club members.


Once you submit your email address you can join the VIP Coupon Club as an Individual, Group Leader or Business Team Leader.


Here below is a break down of the three VIP groups and what each group offers:



As an individual you receive the monthly ShadowLand coupon that gives, for example, a $3-off a double-play pass or a $5-off a triple play pass. The Individual also includes coupons for special events such as the Unlimited $5 adventures on Easter Sunday.


Group Leader.

With the Group Leader VIP Coupon you can receive coupons for your church, sports team, scout troop, synagogue, summer campers, school or any youth group or organization under the sun. Group Leaders receive offers such as $25-off if the group spends $200 or more in a group event.


Business Team.

With the Business Team VIP Coupon, you can bring your office or business associates to ShadowLand for team-building or to simply use our meeting rooms. When you sign up for the Business coupons, we send frequent offers that specifically meet your business community needs and wants.


No matter what VIP Coupon package you pick, we are sure you will enjoy the savings and fun!


Just this week, we had a ShadowLand Adventures’ VIP Coupon Club special! For VIP’s we gave out free bag popcorn and 16oz fountain sodas when they purchased a 2-play or 3 play adventure. This great special was going on since Monday August 22 and ended on Friday August 26,2011 at 4pm.


You can enjoy great specials like this today! Join!


If you have any questions, contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today! We provide these services and much more! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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