How to be smart with back to school shopping.

Are you ready for back to school shopping? If you are not sure, we are here to help by giving you some of the best strategies to have fun savings and shopping! The best way to have happy school shopping is to get organized, stock up on the basics and learn to look for great sales and promotions!


For starters, have a game plan by sticking with the basics supplies first, no matter if the teacher has or has not provided a list of school supplies. When buying the essential school supplies, take advantage of back-to-school sales such as tax-free days that many states offer at different times.


You can be a successful back to school shopper by making a list and getting involved with your child! Often a school will provide your child with a recommended or required supplies list. If you lack a supply list, ask parents that have older grade school kids what they recommend buying for your child’s age bracket.  Once you obtain these recommendations go over the list together with your child. This will help you both remain organized through out the process.


The next step is to separate wants from needs. Remember, the most important school supplies never go out of style, such as pencils and pens. If you have older children that have unused pencils, give them to your younger children. Avoid having pointless arguments with your child about having the “coolest” backpack or laptop. Set a budget for supplies. This will require your child to set priorities, learn how to manage money and start saving an allowance for items you cannot afford.


You can make shopping affordable by buying basics in bulk. You can buy paper, pencils, glue sticks and notebooks from your local dollar stores, warehouse stores and online sources such an eBay. Ask other parents to help find sales; some office supply stores will allow you to negotiate group discounts when you buy together!


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