Kids Rule: How to Make a Fun Indoor Obstacle Course

Do you need to find ways to keep your children active to expend some of their energy? Then we are here to teach you how to make an indoor obstacle course for your children. Learn how to get work done around the house, while they are preoccupied safely having fun. An indoor obstacle can challenge their skills and enhance their learning processing.


Follow the instructions below to build an amazing indoor obstacle course.


  1. Clear a large area in your home to make your obstacle course. You do not want an injury of any sort ruin the fun for your kids. Take precautions to keep your children as safe as possible by moving furniture out of the way that has sharp corners. Pull up area rugs that could cause your children to slip or trip.
  2. Find items to use in your obstacle course. Some items you can use in your obstacle course are ring toss gaming materials, beanbags, and a one-hole golf game. You can use a plastic cup, if you do not have a one-hole golf game. You can use a small board as a balance beam.
  3. Set up moving challenges. Use an old box or two to make tunnels for your children to crawl over, under and through. If you do not have many boxes around, sofa cushions can be used instead. Use rows of chairs that children must crawl over. Use tied chair legs to let children climb under them.
  4. Write tasks on pieces of paper. All you have to do is tape a piece of paper that has instructions such as “ Do 15 jumping jacks with a jumping rope” or “ Hop on one leg 10 times.”

For more ideas on how to make your indoor obstacle course exciting, read this article on

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