Splendid Youth: 5 Strategies for Improving Youth Group Vibrancy

Are you part of a Youth Group? Are you a leader who wants to make your Youth Group better?  We are here to give you a few strategies on how to improve the vibrancy of your Youth Group!


There are 5 domains of vibrancy that you can implement to improve programs you use for your Youth Group. The 5 domains are philosophy, culture, power structure, programs and staff.




–         Make sure you have your youth active in planning, development, implementation and evaluation of programs.

–         Eliminate programs that make your youth feel uninvolved and passive.

–         Have more programs that engage your youth and promote them to pursue self-directed learning.

–         Develop a mentor system where older youth are paired with younger participants! It helps with team bonding and as well as personal-level confidence!

–         Network with other youth groups by creating exchange trips, club visits and plan networking events!


-Create a youth advisory board so that youth members can give their input to the program staff! It is called a youth group for a reason. The group should be about the youth and advancing the youth at all times.

-Form a shared cultural value where all youth participants are respected and valued, no matter who they are or what they strive to become.

-Listen to the youth by creating focus groups, so everyone has a chance to listen and respond to development changes.


Power Structure

–         Make sure you provide training to all your staff members (youth and adult partnerships). A skilled staff is crucial to youth group success because youth can be paired with adult staff to be taught and coached on improving youth involvement and contributions.


–         Always be willing to constantly evaluate your programs for relevancy and value to your youth members.

–         Create anonymous surveys throughout the year to evaluate your programs. Do focus group interviews. Have open discussions and group meetings.

–         Use ballot boxes to give group members the ability to solicit ideas.

–         Have a concise and direct vision and mission to organize your youth group around. This will bring your programs into focus continuously. Know what your youth group is about. Know what your youth group does best.


–         Give your staff several incentives to do a good job and ensure a long-term commitment to the youth group. It can be financial or non-materialistic incentives. What matters is giving your staff recognition for their good work. This will keep them motivated and involved.


To learn exactly how to have loyal and trustworthy staff members, as well as obtain more tips on increasing the vibrancy of your youth group, read this article by Kirk A. Astroth called Strategies for Improving Vibrancy in Youth Groups.



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