Leadership Development Through Laser Tag

Fun and productivity are not mutually exclusive. In this case, there is a lot to learn by playing (deceptively fun) games of laser tag. Whether you are part of a corporate group or have a child there for a birthday party, there are a number of takeaways that are a part of the activity even if you don’t realize it. Developing leadership skills is one such takeaway, and one that can (and should) be imparted on younger minds.

Passing on Confidence, Sportsmanship, Leadership

Laser tag is competitive, a game of teamwork, strategy, and much more. Part of this sport is taking cues from others in order to be successful. Another part is being able to following a set of rules to be able to reach a goal. All of these are important parts of life and are important, particularly for young people, to develop and strengthen as early as possible.

So, how can this be done at ShadowLand? It’s a good start to have everyone (in your family or group) get involved in a game together. Then you can encourage your kids to create strategies for victory. Putting them in charge gives them both a sense of responsibility and shows that you trust them. It boosts their self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Win or lose, those involved will have had a fulfilling experience, one that also helps to bond him or her to the rest of the team.

Something that’s important, particularly in an environment like this, is to act as an example to your children. Be a good sport in a loss and win gracefully so that they will do the same. If the child’s team loses, encourage them to try again. If they win, encourage them to congratulate the other team. There is always something that you can impart upon these young minds, and providing a clear example of leadership is one of the best ways.

Team activities in general are optimal times to cultivate leadership and to “emphasize perseverance.” Everyone makes mistakes in their lives, and in the example of laser tag, one team always has to lose to another. However, you shouldn’t try to shield your children from the regular failings that are a part of life. He or she will be better-adapted to the rest of their lives if they have experienced slip-ups and have learned how to better manage these occasions… and how to then move on.

There are a number of other ways that you can provide examples of leadership for your kids to follow. Within laser tag, where teamwork and communication are key, there are a lot of opportunities. Together, you can “learn to be a good sport, play by the rules, and think strategically,” all while having an absolute blast. To have a great time with your family and friends in a skill-building setting, come visit or contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today!


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