GEMs, Infrared Emitters, and More… Only at ShadowLand

Ever wonder exactly how a ShadowLand game works? Beyond the phasers and vests, there is an incredible adventure that has been fine-tuned for you, the customer, so that you can have the most original experience while still having the most fun possible. Some of these bonus features include our GEMs, which give power-up bonuses to players!

Game Technology Offers Unique Bonuses, Like GEMs

The phaser that you use in any ShadowLand game has a laser (which you see in the air and which you use for aiming) and an infrared (IR) emitter. The IR emitter is the same technology as in your TV remote control. You don’t see the beam – that’s why you need the laser for aiming. The laser actually serves no other function!

Each phaser has its own unique IR signal and the body suit has receptors, just like each button on your remote has a unique signal and your TV has a receptor. So, you ‘tag’ the TV with your remote just like you tag another player with the IR from your phaser. Want to go to channel 4? When you push the 4 button, a unique IR signal that the TV understands as 4, is emitted. If you are suit 4, your phaser emits a unique IR signal that other suits know as coming from suit 4. These receptors on the suits are located by the lights on the suits, so you use the laser and aim at the lights on other players’ suits to direct your IR beam to the receptor on the other suits.

The suits all have radios to allow them to communicate with the central games computer. If you tag suit 4, suit 4 tells the central games computer (CGC), via its radio, that it was tagged. The CGC keeps track of all the activity going on during the game by all suits.

There are also GEMs in the arena that players can tag. the communication between players and GEMs are the same as between two players: IR guided by a laser.  The GEMs also have radios and are also always in direct communication with the CGC, telling it who tagged it.

The players can earn special powers by tagging GEMs. For example: player 4 tags a GEM, The GEM tells the CGC that Player 4 tagged it, then the CGC gives player 4 a special power – like invisibility (your suit lights shut off and you’re in stealth mode) or invulnerability (your IR sensors will not accept being tagged by other players) and many other, similar types of powers. This software platform with special powers is unique to the ShadowLand system and cannot be found anywhere else.

If you want to experience our unique gameplay, then come visit or contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today!


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