Corporate Events Bring the Whole Team Together

If you heard of a company taking the afternoon off to go play laser tag together, you might be tempted to discount it as a waste of time. However, based on research done into the benefits of corporate events, that assumption wouldn’t be correct. In fact, there are a lot of bonuses that can be gleaned from an outing like this, so look into the facts before deciding how you feel… or before planning a trip for the people in your office.

An Afternoon Set Aside for Corporate Events

We’ve previously talked about how laser tag can help to boost team building in groups of any age, but this is only one part of why it makes an excellent location for corporate events. Of course, team building and associated skills are all important and will play a role in the fruits of the experience, but they are far from the only advantages of bringing professional life to a halt for a few hours.

For example, the very act of taking a break can do wonders for productivity. “Stepping away from the computer screen for a few hours to focus on something other than work is sometimes exactly what your brain needs to come back more focused than it was before.” It’s easy to feel stuck and mired in one’s work after staring at it for hours and hours and hours, which is why getting away from the project, or the computer screen, or even the office is a major piece of bumping up those productivity levels.

There’s always more to do and not enough hours in the day to do it. Time management, and how you invest those hours, is a crucial part of being successful in any professional environment. As noted above, though, it can be nearly impossible to manage your time well if you are mentally drained. Whether to recharge your energy or give your eyes a break from electronics, getting away and engaging in fun, physical activity with others is sure to boost your mood and to return everyone involved to your workplace in better moods.

It’s important to note that, yes, one of the big advantages of corporate events is to be able to engage in bonding activities with coworkers and team members. This may be impossible within the actual business, depending on who or how many people you interact with on a daily basis, which is why bringing everyone into an environment where this is possible is such a unique opportunity. Getting to know even just one new person will brighten both of your work days in the future by introducing a potential new friendship, and it has the possibility of beginning with this one group outing!

“One of the best reasons to hold company outings is that it truly breaks down any day-to-day barriers that might be felt in the workplace.” Everyone is in the same position during a game, which means that there are no professional divisions. Teammates can be from various levels and positions and have to work together in ways that they might not others have the chance to try out. Mingling in a low-pressure environment will only serve to help everyone function more smoothly and efficiently together in the office.

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