Themed Games: What Are They?

There are a lot of good reasons to throw a party… and to host it at one of our ShadowLand centers. One of them is that you may not have the same experience twice. If you and engaged in a round of laser tag, the rules may seem straightforward… but the GEMs, which feature into every game, may function a little differently than you remember…

The Fun Never Ends with Themed Games

The GEMs, as previously discussed, are a big part of what makes our laser tag so unique. They are also the technology that adds variability to each round so that you can play again and again without it feeling redundant. So, how, exactly, do the GEMs accomplish this?

For one thing, depending on their current programming, their role can changed so that they act as energizers, team bases, sentinels, ammo dumps, mines or keys. The role that they take on will reflect the nature of the themed games, so if, for example, you’re playing in a fantasy adventure, tagging the GEMs might provide you with a ‘key’ to help you proceed within the round.

That’s not all that the GEMs can do, naturally. For special occasions at ShadowLand, the “script” of the devices are changed to reflect a certain… well, theme. For example, one of our Halloween specials has previously featured “vampires,” or GEMs which deplete the player of energy until they player finds a cure. This redemption is typically found at another GEM, so the player has to race around the arena to obtain the cure before their energy is totally depleted. The “vampires” have also been energy-depleting viruses or even snakes, but whatever they’re called, they make the game all the more interesting with this twist on the normal goal.

ShadowLand does offer our own stories and themed games, but that isn’t all that you can do within the arena. Those with a little bit of imagination can divide the teams up based on their favorite TV show or video game. The mission can be one that you set for yourself, a theme all your own, limited by your own creativity. That’s part of why our laser tag centers are so great for parties of all kinds; you can take a simple concept and make it your own, surrounded by friends, coworkers, or family.

No matter how many times you visit one of our centers, you’ll find a different and engaging experience every time. Come visit or contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today!


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