History of Laser Tag

History may not be your favorite subject, but the history of laser tag, where the game and phasers got their start, is actually very interesting. Read on to discover more about how this all began and developed into the thrilling activity we all love today!

Take a Look into the History of Laser Tag

Though the first “commercial laser tag facility” is credited with a 1984 release date, the technology that made it all possible existed before that year. The lasers themselves were initially developed by the U.S. army in order to practice for combat. It makes sense, considering the harmless nature of this type of phaser, and the pseudo-“combat” that would follow in recreational laser tag games.

The first commercially-sold phaser with a similar laser, meant for home use, was completely unrelated. It was licensed under the Star Trek franchise and advertised as a “phaser” in keeping with the show’s story. This was the country’s first exposure to the physical item in the consumer sphere.

1982 brought a man, George Carter III, who had an idea for “an arena-based system for playing a scored version of the game.” Perhaps ironically, considering the original phaser item above, he was inspired by the Star Wars movies to create such a facility. This location opened in 1984 in Texas and, 21 years later, the man was honored and hailed as the “Inventor and Founder of the laser tag industry” (though there will always be people to argue that others were responsible for the start of the history of laser tag).

In the late 80s, unfortunately, there was a huge drop in the popularity of the game and concept in general. Many of these locations, including the original, went out of business. In fact, laser tag was relatively unpopular from then on… until recent years, when facilities opened up all around the world and have since found huge success. As video games and engrossing physical activities (such as laser tag) continue to engage young people. It has become not only a children’s game, but a team-building exercise and much more, depending on what the demographic is.

Like most everything else, laser tag has a rich history. It’s only existed for a few decades, but in that time, the technology and formats have improved in leaps and bounds. There’s no telling how far this activity will go in just another decade or so as tech and electronics continue to innovate at a rapid pace. To participate in a laser tag event, come visit or contact the ShadowLand Adventures nearest you by clicking here today!


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