12 Great And Easy Thanksgiving Crafts And Activities


Turkey Centerpiece Craft



Are you looking for ways to keep the kids entertained during the Thanksgiving Holidays? If yes, we have 12 great and easy Thanksgiving crafts and activities to share with you! Read below to learn about them!

Easy Turkey Centerpiece Craft

To make your Turkey Centerpiece, wrap brown paper around a soup can. This will be your Turkey’s body. Trace two circles from the can onto the paper. Cut them out. Add the neck and head to the top of one of your circles. Add colorful feathers and your colorful wings with the kids. Glue googly eyes to your turkey face.

Appreciate your Guests

Appreciate your guests by making place cards for all of them. Ask the kids to think of one reason they are thankful for each person attending the Thanksgiving dinner. Write their thoughts on the back of the place cards. The guests will read them as soon as they sit down to eat. Let each guest read the heart-warming notes out loud.

Work Up an Appetite

In most towns, there is usually a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. A Thanksgiving Turkey Trot is a short race held on Thanksgiving morning. While you are cooking and getting Thanksgiving ready, let the family participate in the short race. If the little ones are still in strollers, get the family to push them in the stroller during the race. Let older children run, walk, skip, and hop their way to the finish line!

For more great crafts and activities from the 12 easy Thanksgiving crafts and activities list, read this article from Parenting.com.

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