Thanksgiving Indoor Games for the Kids

Thanksgiving will be here in no time. It is a good idea to find indoor activities that will keep the kids entertained while you cook for the big dinner. Read below for some great Thanksgiving playtime games to give the kids some fun before and after the feast!

Put on a Happy Snood

Play a great version of the card game Spoons. Grab a handmade turkey snood instead of a spoon. Allow the kids to hold the turkey snoods in front of their faces. All you need are snoods on a stick and a deck of cards. The object of the game is to collect four cards of one kind and not be the person left without a snood.

When we say four cards of one kind, this means four twos, or four kings, as examples. The dealer picks a card from the deck and discards one card from his or her hand. The dealer must slide the cards face down to the player to his or her left. Every player will replicate this action as soon as possible.

Each person should have four cards in his or her hand at all times. All the discarded cards will be piled to the left of the dealer. The dealer will use them once the original deck is used. The game will continue until one player has four of a kind. When that player has four of a kind, he or she must take a snood on a stick from the pile and hold it to his or her face. Everyone else will race to grab the remaining snoods. The player the ends up empty handed gets an “S”. The snoods are returned to the center of the table and the game resumes. When players complete the word “snood”, they will be eliminated. The winner is the last one standing.

Ping-Pong Basketball

The kids will love this basketball shooting challenge. Let the kids bounce the ball in close easy 1-pointers. If they want a challenge, let them dribble just once and shoot for 3-pointer. Read this article for what you need and instructions on how to play the game.

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