15 Awesome Indoor Halloween Games for Children

Halloween Pumpkin Bowling

Do you need some great indoor Halloween games for the children? If yes, we have 15 great games you can do with the kids at your home or for your Halloween party! Read below!

Halloween Pumpkin Bowling

Bowling is a fun game for kids of all ages. You can use old formula tins and hot glue decorations on them to make bowling pins. You need to make 10 decorating tins. Fill each tin with candy or a special surprise. Use little pumpkins to knock the tins down. When a child knocks down a tin, he or she will get the treat inside!

Eyeball Relay

Divide the kids into teams. You will need one ping-pong ball and one spoon for each team. Paint the ping-pong balls like eyeballs.  Let the kids carry the eyeballs on the spoons to the end of the course and back. The first team to have all team members complete the course in the quickest fashion wins.

Trick or Treat Game

All you need for this game are papers and pencils. Have the kids write the words ‘Trick or Treat’ on a piece of paper. Set a timer and see how many words can be written from the letters of ‘ Trick or Treat’. Let the kids eat treats while creating words.

The Trick or Treat Bonanza

Create paper strips and write out the word treat on half of the paper strips you create. On the other paper strips, write out the number of tricks game players will need to do such as ‘ hop on one leg’, ‘ laugh like a witch’ or ‘ sing your favorite Halloween song’. Put the paper strips into a hat or pillowcase. Hide sweets and candies in the room where the game will be held. Let each child draw a paper strip from the hat. Let them perform a trick, if the paper strip says trick. Let them search for a treat, if the paper strip says treat.

For more Halloween indoor games for children, read this article from TipJunkie.com.

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