7 Great Games To Have Fun Indoors

Are you looking to add some extra fun for you and the kids indoors? If yes, you are in luck. We are giving you seven ways to have fun indoors. Read below!

Have a dirty-sock fight.

This is fun for everyone involved. You will definitely get a laugh. Let the kids take your socks right off. Challenge them to a throwing battle of the socks. You will see them start to giggle and squeal from all the smelly fun.

Play Simon Says, redux.

Add a twist to an old and fun game. Do a Simon says with a popular cartoon character or pick the popular person of the week in the house. An example would be saying ‘ Batman says’ pretend to fly from a building.

Go on a free field trip to the pet store.

Who needs a zoo when you have a pet store? Spend a hour checking out the cute dogs and cats. Look at some fish and snakes! Have fun.

Play a game of red light, green light indoors.

To play this game, make one person the ‘stoplight’. Form all other participants into a line several yards away. The stoplight should turn his or her back and yell ‘green light!’ Everyone should run toward the stoplight until he or she yells ‘red light!’ and turns around. If anyone is moving when the stoplight says ‘ red light’, the person is out of the game. The game is over when someone tags the stoplight or when everyone is tagged out.

For more great indoor games, read this article from Parenting.com.

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