Top Halloween Arts & Crafts

Spirit Jugs


Halloween is approaching. Are you ready for some fun? If yes, we have some fun to make Halloween crafts ideas for you! Spook out the house and the neighborhood this Halloween! Read below to learn about Halloween crafts!

Spirit Jugs

Make homemade lanterns! All you have to do is station your jugs on a walkway or porch. Draw ghostly images and make the jugs glow for your holiday visitors!

Halloween Chair Covers

Use white pillowcases and decorate them with bats, witches and zombies! Be as creative as you please. They can be used every Halloween for any celebration at home or school!

Craft Stick Mummy

Make a few mini mummies! Take some glue, a couple of sticks, fake eyeballs, and some fabric! Be creative.

Halloween Character Cupcake Toppers

Your guest will love not only your delicious cupcakes but also your cute characters on a stick. All you need are sticks and character drawings! You are good to go!

General Bone E. Part

Make your bigger than life skeleton! All you need are plastic pipes and jugs! Let your Skeleton pose on a swing of step. Easy to put together and take apart. You can use it for every holiday.

Spider Hatchlings

Make a spider egg for your trick or treaters! Have fake little spiders crawl out the hatchlings. Hang the spider hatchlings from entry-way ceilings or door-frames.

For instructions on how to do all these crafts and more, read this article from

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